Tricks of the Trade

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Here you will find a collection of sewing tutorials from the blog that I have written over the years – I hope you find them useful.  If so, don’t forget to share the links so your friends can find them too! 


Basic RGB

How to sew checks by machine

How to sew a tailored sleeve vent logo

How to sew perfect all-in-one facings

How to sew perfect scallops

How to french seam darts, a technique for sheer fabrics

Introductory post

Those Invisible Essentials

The Anatomy of a Tailored Jacket

#1 – Pattern Amendments – Outer Shell

#2 – Pattern Amendments – Collar, Facings and Fusing

#3 – Pattern Amendments – Lining

#4 – Cutting the Main Fabric

#5 – Cutting and Applying the Fusing

#6 – Cutting the Blocks and Lining

#7 – Fusing Bits and Pieces

#8 – Let’s Start Sewing!

#9 – Tutorial – Jet Pockets with Flap

#10 – More Sewing

#11 – The Collar and Lapels

#12 – Setting in the Sleeves

#13 – Inside the Sleeve Head

#14 – Inserting the Lining

#15 – Bagging out the Hem

#16 – Finale!

Cutting Checks Part 1

Cutting Checks Part 2


Mitre a Double Folded Hem