New Year, New Inspiration

Happy New Year to you all – I hope whatever you were doing it was wonderful! We visited my parents in the South Island for a few days over Christmas. It is such a beautiful place that we always like to hire a car and do a few road trips into the backcountry. This year […]

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5 Sewing Tips for December


Last month I mentioned how handy it was to chalk the wrong side of your fabric when cutting, to easily identify the right and wrong sides. Well this month I rediscovered this photo, where I have gone a step further and nicked the corners to help identify the ‘top’ of a pile fabric: In this case it […]

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Operation: Elna Supermatic


I’ve had my Mum’s 1955 Elna Supermatic for a long time now, and I know I’ll always keep it. Mum bought it when she was at teachers college, and it was the machine my sister and I learnt to sew on. It hasn’t worked for several years. The first problem was that the coupling knob […]

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5 Sewing Tips for November

5 Sewing Tips big Nov

Do you ever get your right and wrong sides of fabric mixed up when you are sewing?  Sort that problem out in seconds by chalking the wrong side of your fabric when cutting: Get into this simple habit, and you’ll never wake up in the morning to discover that last night’s bound buttonholes are inside out! (It has happened…) Have […]

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5 Sewing Tips for October

pattern scissors cloth

I can’t believe October is almost over. Here are my five sewing tips for the month – quickly, before it turns into November! If you have ever done quilting, you have probably done chain piecing: This is a technique where you butt multiple short pieces up to each other while sewing – and it needn’t be […]

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