The First Linear Leggings off your Machines!

One of the best things about making sewing patterns is seeing what you all turn them into. I am continually surprised and delighted to see the wealth of ideas and creativity that you come up with! Today I’m going to share the first Linear Leggings off your machines, and maybe provide some inspiration for you to make your own pair.

First up is Emma Jayne from @clippedcurves who made her pair in classic black ponti. I just love how she has styled them with a sequin camisole, sassy shoes and a clutch – 100% ready for a night out.

Check out her Reel to see how else she is styling her Linear Leggings – they work equally well as a casual item!

Next up was amazing Sue @suestoney who whipped up her pair in white. They look so fresh and 100% ready for spring/summer!

Sue has a ton more written on her blog Fadanista and has included some shots of the insides. She says, “I am extremely pleased with this particular make, and there will be more!”

Now for Sarah @sewsarahs‘s version in this fantastic snake print ponti!

“Anyone for magic pants? 🙋‍♀️. These are the new #linearleggings from @pattern.scissors.cloth and they are ohmazing!! 🤩 👏🏼. I was so excited to be a pattern tester for these leg lengthening tummy holding in beauties.”

One thing I love about the Linear Leggings is that they look great with heels AND sneakers – I really can’t decide which look I like best! Whatever – Sarah has nailed both of them:

Sachi from @sachidonguri sewed her pair in charcoal ponti, and widened the lower leg for more of a trouser look – I really love this idea! You can find more about exactly what she did on her YouTube channel Sachi’s Studio, where she documents all her adjustments, and so much more on the making of her Linear Leggings – it’s really worth checking out!

Rebecca from @tricours made some perfectly fitted Linear Leggings. I know the rear view of any pants is a Very Important Thing, and I think her pictures show just how flattering those panel seams are!

I guess by now you can see that this pattern can be either sporty or dressy – the choice is up to you!

Izzy from @topstitchrollhem and Frances from @pinsonthefloor both made theirs without zips. Izzy’s are in a luscious wool ponti – perfect for winter lounging. Check out Frances’s Instagram feed to see her amazing camouflage lined internal pocket. As well as omitting the zips like Izzy and Frances did, you can change the position of the zips. They look great on the inleg seam or the side seam, and this is super easy to do when you are cutting them out!

So there are a few options that I hope inspire you to make your own pair. I also want to thank all the lovely sewists above who sewed them for me in exchange for the pattern, I am truly grateful! Please check out their social media and leave a comment and/or follow.

And if you’d like to sew a pair for yourself or want further design details:

xx Sheryll

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