Sunset on Summer Kimono

Pattern Scissors Cloth Kimono

Summer is nearly over here, so what better way is there to extend it’s vibe than sewing up this tropical sunset print? This must be one of the longest term residents of my fabric stash, so I’m relieved to finally have it out of storage and into the wardrobe. Truth be told, I purchased this […]

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Denim Sailor Pants

Pattern Scissors Cloth - Denim Cropped Sailor Pant

A pair of wide leg cropped jeans has been on my to-do list for a while, and finally I can tick that box. Well almost – my original plan was to give this denim a distressed finish, but that goes against my gut instinct to attack these with sandpaper and stuff when I spent so […]

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Burgundy Floral Dress

Pattern Scissors Cloth Burgundy Floral Dress

I made an old dress! If you read this blog back in the day you might recognise this design, as I first made it in a blue geometric print cotton back in 2012.  That dress was worn to death over several summers and I remember it being so comfortable in the heat. Although I still […]

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Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet Top using Invisible Binding Tutorial - Pattern Scissors Cloth

A glimpse of ultraviolet shone out at me from my stash. Working as carefully as a Pantone Colour of the Year follower, I eased the top of the pile out of the way so as not to disrupt any folds, and the silky gem slithered easily out of its preordained hierarchy. As my magpie-like fingers […]

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3-Step Zig-Zag Top

top back cut-away armhole

I know this place is at risk of turning into a lingerie blog lately, but I can’t help naming this top after the 3-step zig-zag! I made it mainly to wear to work. Yeah, I know – I spend my summer holidays sewing clothes to wear to work! It gets really hot in my workplace […]

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