Khaki Lingerie Set

Khaki Lingerie Set by Pattern Scissors Cloth

Recently I finished a new set of lingerie that I had been procrastinating about for ages. In the end it was sewn step by step over a few weeknights – cut some pieces one night, sew the cups the next, and before you know it, it is finished and you have a new set of lingerie!

Khaki Lingerie Set by Pattern Scissors Cloth

This set was modelled on one I made a while back in exactly the same lace, only I dyed it khaki green instead of amethyst. I love how the lace colours came out, depending on the fibre content it was a mix of dark khaki and brighter chartreuse highlights. The stretch tulle turned out a bit yellow toned for my taste, but hey, that is the wonders of dyeing! At least this time I did all fabrics and components in one batch so that they all co-ordinate beautifully – just like a bought one! For the record, I used Dylon Multi-purpose dye in colour 34 Olive green.

Khaki Lingerie Set by Pattern Scissors Cloth

As before, the pattern was drafted to my own measurements in a partial band bra style with a 3 piece cup and camisole back. This is my go to pattern for underwire styles these days. I am still learning how different materials affect the fit, and using the same pattern repeatedly is the most effective way of doing this. For instance the stretch mesh I used here is stretchier than those I have used in the past, and consequently the band is a bit looser. Something to consider for next time!

Khaki Lingerie Set by Pattern Scissors Cloth

As usual, I try to recycle and use existing trims wherever possible. I repurposed underwires and rings and sliders from older bras, and the bra back is from an old skintone Calvin Klein bra. You might be able to see it didn’t take the dye too great. You might also be able to see the gathers there – I always forget to check the band width matches the hook and eyes, and this time I just couldn’t tolerate any more unpicking so shoved it in and hoped for the best. Regretting it now!

All other trims were sourced from Helen at Nellie Joan’s – strap elastic, picot elastic, underbust elastic, underwire channelling, sheer cup lining – all dyed up beautifully too by the way.

Khaki Lingerie Set by Pattern Scissors Cloth

The matching pants are made from lace and stretch mesh that is folded at the leg opening. Combined with the scalloped edge of the lace this gives a nice flat edge and near invisible panty line. The mesh also encloses any raw edges which is always nice. Picot elastic finishes the top waist edge and inner edge of the gusset, and even the liner is dyed to match using old t-shirt cotton – I got this idea from Handmade by Carolyn who is also an avid recycler!


So, pretty happy with this set. I have worn my amethyst set on high rotation, so it was a no-brainer to make another pair the same. And I seem to be acquiring a few khaki green wardrobe items lately so it is cool to be all matchy-matchy!

Are you into making your own lingerie? I have found it a lot easier now I have a good selection of supplies. And sewing weeknights is my new strategy to counteract procrastination – a lot can happen in 10 minutes!

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6 thoughts on “Khaki Lingerie Set

  1. Love the colour of this set and interested to read that you use old underwires. I had never thought of that as the ones I have fit maybe I can get on with making my own.


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