Am I the Last One to Sew This Burda Top?!

During my top-making spree this summer I made this Burdastyle T-shirt, of which I must be the last one on earth to make judging by the amount I have seen made up online!

white burda tee-1

I may never have made it if I hadn’t seen all those online versions though. It’s 103A Cropped T-Shirt from Burdastyle 03/2016 – a great little comfy slouchy tee pattern. Absolutely perfect for using up some of my white viscose lycra stash that I have an absolute ton of. I honestly don’t care if I spill beetroot down the centre front because I can just make another one! And make another one I might, because I have worn this so much already it justifies having a spare.

white burda tee-6

The centre back has an inverted pleat which adds to the swing factor, making this t-shirt very cool and breezy to wear in summer. The extra fabric does make the back of the garment heavier, and tends to pull the shoulders back and the centre front up, so I find myself having to reposition it occasionally during the day which is kind of irritating. Admittedly this fabric (viscose) is quite weighty, but I reckon cutting the back panel in a lightweight silk would work nicely instead. I’d also like to attack that bunching back armhole.

white burda tee-5

I left the hem edges raw because it sat really nicely unhemmed, and I thought hemming would just add bulk and interfere with the way it draped. No, I wasn’t being lazy!

white burda tee-2

We had a go at some cool swinging photos but completely failed at that:

white burda tee-3

Despite this top being so simple there are a couple of sewing techniques to mention:

  • I set in the sleeve rather than sewing the side/sleeve seams in one, as that is my preferred method.
  • I used my cheats binding method (cutting the binding 35mm wide for a finished width of 1cm, but I should have cut it 32mm).

white burda tee-8

  • As mentioned I left the hem edges raw, and I trimmed the seam allowances at the hem to 45 degrees to prevent them showing. Then they were overlocked together, and the thread tails pulled inside.

white burda tee-7

The hem is looking a little bit rough in this close-up, but it’s not bad in real life – considering it has had several wash and wears. Any stray threads can be fixed with a trim – just like your hair it needs a little maintenance occasionally!

Well it is mid-winter here, so I better get some winter sewing done!


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18 thoughts on “Am I the Last One to Sew This Burda Top?!

  1. Love your Tee! It’s given me some ideas – I don’t have this pattern but I’ve seen several woven tops that are similar and there’s nothing stopping me from making them out a nice drapey knit! 🙂


  2. No I’m going to be the last one! Your binding looks perfect! A good basic T pattern is a necessity … I’m actually going through my Ottobre to see if I can find one.


  3. I love this tee shirt and actually have it earmarked. Therefore you are not the last one to make it!! And I like your advice on not hemming this top which makes sense depending on the fabric I plan to use. And thanks again for your monthly tips. I always learn something new.


    1. When I tried it on I liked the way the hem draped, and didn’t want to disturb it by hemming! With this pattern I would check the CF length is right before you cut, because I can only wear it with high waisted garments unless I want my tummy showing (not!). Look forward to seeing your version Marjorie!

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  4. After a recent mishap with viscose (a brand new jumpsuit I bought shrank…seamstress’ curse!) I’m not sure I will buy it again…
    I always love to read your tips! Can you tell more about your cheat sheet for binding?…I always struggle with figuring out measurements! At that diagonally cut hem is genius! Thanks.


  5. Great top. Try adding wee straps to shoulders, not sure what their proper name is, they stop wayward necklines/tops from wandering. An old idea but a good one.

    Liked by 1 person

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