An Ink Stain Print Blouse

Remember I bought some new fabric (oops – seven fabrics) on impulse recently?  Well I’ve been really good and sewn one piece up already.  I initially had this blouse/shirt pattern earmarked for some black viscose, but I had sewn sew much black recently that I started to feel guilty, and decided to make it up in this viscose ink stain print – and I love it!

I’m glad I hesitated on the black option, as this is a fairly plain design and I now have a more exciting version planned for the black!  This version is a simple loose fitting undarted blouse, with long set-in sleeves, a split centre front seam and tie neck.  I made the ties quite narrow and long so it can be tied multiple ways.

Look – marathon medals!

I usually wrap them around my neck once and then cross them over and magically they stay put all day with no adjustment. (Just thought I should add that I’m referring to the neck tie here, not the medals…:)

Before I make anything my new rule is to make sure it goes with at least two other things.  This top goes with just about everything – jeans, skinny pants, skirts.  It may go with culottes but I haven’t tried them together yet and suspect that could be a bit full-on.

I split the hem so it could be tucked in, out or half-tucked:

I couldn’t decide whether to use the perfectly-matching peachy-cream thread that I had, or the perfectly matching charcoal thread.  I opted for the peachy-cream so the stitching around the front neck split – the greater focal point – was less noticeable, but this meant the stitching around the hem was more obvious.  Sometimes you can’t win, and let’s face it – no-one but us is going to notice!

With the neck tied loosely, it falls off the shoulders a bit at the back, but it adds to the relaxed look.  It makes the sleeves even longer – always good!

So – overall I really like it, I’ve worn it three times in two weeks, which is a ton more than some of the items in my last post!

Tiggy is annoyed because I am sitting in her late afternoon spot…

A while ago I read a post on a blog somewhere about the ‘falseness’ of blogs, and how some bloggers portray their life as ‘perfect’.  I think it is only natural to show your best side and this is not some new internet thing.  Most of us will brush our hair or clear away the background clutter before getting our photo taken – and have done so way before blogging.  Some bloggers will spend more time than others styling the perfect shot and I think that is awesome they are using their talent in such a way.  There is no need for anyone to be envious of the resulting perfect picture.  Surely most people know there is probably a pile of laundry waiting to be folded just to the left of the frame!

Anyway – I thought of this because my son snapped this out-of-focus-behind-the-scenes-NZ-Saturday-afternoon-reality shot as we switched locations in our garden while photographing this blouse. It made me smile  – it is complete with lawnmower (bottom left), garden hose, pet cat, ice-cream container come paint tray, washing basket(s), clothes on the line, work boots and even a wet pair of socks!

This is my perfect life!

What do you think – do bloggers falsely portray a perfect life?
Do you like my new blouse?
Do you like my new blog?!

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39 thoughts on “An Ink Stain Print Blouse

  1. Love your new blog AND your new blouse! On the topic of bloggers I tend to most enjoy the blogs of people that I feel like I can relate to, but on the other hand I’m guilty of choosing photos for my own blog where I look ‘nice’. I think it’s normal to want to put your best foot forward. Anyway, looking forward to reading more posts at your new blog address 🙂

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  2. I’ve never been put out by bloggers presenting a ‘perfect image’. I prefer uncluttered pictures so that the details of the clothing are easier to see, without distractions. I think (hope!)most people have the common sense to know we all have corners of the house waiting to be cleaned or tidied – otherwise we’d never find time to sew! Glad you’ve moved to WordPress, commenting is much easier 🙂


  3. Congratulations on moving. I too love you new top and the blog! I’m so pleased that you are back blogging and sharing your knowledge regardless of where you do it. I think generally WordPress is a clearer platform. Regarding choosing the best look for my blog, I can’t say I put my best photo forward … I am mortified by how ‘real’ some of my photos are. I don’t like the super polished blogs… I think they are manufactured and come across like tv… you read it but you know it’s not how it really is. I know who Buzzy Bee is!


  4. I love the blouse! What a pretty fabric. It is nice to see a hint of reality on blogs, whether in the photos or the writing, but yeah–nobody would intentionally put crappy photos out there if they have the ability to take nice photos! For me, it’s the overly saccharine blogs that I’ll pass up on. Anyway, yay for switching to WP! I love their platform.

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  5. I think it is only human nature to want to put your best look forward. Who hasn’t taken thirty photos to get one good one? I am fine with that. What I am not fine with is bloggers who don’t present themselves as “sewing real”. We all make mistakes, and have sewing nightmares, no matter how long we have been at it. I much more enjoy blogs where the blogger shows real sewing and how she has overcome or just chucked a project. Bloggers who eliminate comments, kind ones, that may question a technique really bug me. I know of many who have posted on these same blogs and never been published. It eliminates all healthy conversation. We all know there are many ways to do techniques in sewing and it is nice to know the justification of the bloggers efforts when they differ from others. But certain bloggers eliminate any but the most flattering comments, a fact.

    Thanks for asking this question and promoting conversation. I like the look of your new “home” and the blouse is lovely. Great job!

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    1. Thanks Bunny, I will be the first to say that my seam ripper is my best friend! That is sad that some bloggers delete comments – those comments could be helpful to other readers or offer another interesting viewpoint, but perhaps their own vanity takes precedence! I admit to deleting one comment from a troll abusing my appearance with a few expletives thrown in. I was tempted to leave it there but deleted it because I was sure it would offend most of my readers.


  6. Yes I like your new blog and yes I like your new blouse! I’m not surprised you’ve worn it so many times already, it’s lovely. I also like the look of your back garden! I’m totally nosy so am often intrigued by background clutter! x


  7. When we invite people for dinner, we clean the place and dress up nicely. Same happens when we blog. I find that some bloggers turn from sewing into fashion bloggers, which does not interest me anymore. These are probably the ones, who create a false image of their lives? I don’t know. In any case, I like your new blouse and the fabric you made it from.


  8. Seriously pretty blouse! That fabric is gorgeous! About your move to wordpress, all I can say is “Oh thank God!!” 😉 It’s so much easier to follow, comment, find replies, etc. on wordpress than blogger.

    I don’t tend to get worked up about people’s photoshoots and their “perfect” lives–UNLESS–there is some serious photoshop going on. Getting rid of a zit is OK. Getting rid of an uneven hem or half of your waistline is not. Which is actually more of a problem with RTW garments than bloggers, but I think you know what I mean. 😉 Otherwise, I think we all have some aspects of ourselves that we don’t share via the blog–and that’s how it should be.


    1. Ok, you are the second reader to comment that WordPress is easier – good to know!
      I can get rid of zits in Photoshop, but I am sure I would be quicker at fixing an uneven hem at my sewing machine!


  9. love your new blouse, I keep thinking of making a tie blouse but can’t decide if the ties will drive me crazy. and love the candid photo. my back yard is often the same 🙂


    1. That is funny you say that Beth, because I nearly cut a tie in half the other day at work while cutting out something….! I ended up wrapping them around my neck a second time.


  10. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look at a NZ backyard.

    Like you, I appreciate the people who spend more time on photography and styling.

    I clear away visual clutter if it can be done in 60 seconds or less. Otherwise, I can’t be bothered. After all, blogging is a hobby and not work for me.


  11. I think choosing this fabric over black was an inspired choice. It looks great! I’ve had a hankering for a tie-neck blouse recently (or tunic, can’t decide).

    On the perfect lives front… I think more than seeing the mess behind the photo shoot (although I have to say I find your perfect life shot is picturesque!), I want to feel some connection with the blogger. But there are lots of ways to achieve that. It’s when I don’t feel any connection to the blogger – the writing, the sewing process they went through, the photography – that I skim through or stop reading. I read and love quite a few sewing blogs, but I can’t bring myself to follow fashion blogs at all.

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  12. Here we go, I finally see the space where I should leave my comment 😉
    Nice blouse, beatifully made as usual and not in total black 😉
    Love your “behind the scene” pictures. I love to look at people’s houses, interiors and animals 😺
    It all just gives you – I would say “three-dimentional ” – image of the person who writes the blog and maybe better understanding, he/she is not a stranger any more 🙂


  13. What a beautiful blouse! it suits you perfectly. I love your style, and of course your beautifully finished creations 🙂
    Could you PLEASE share how you switched platforms?! I have been tossing up the same thing but actually have no idea how to go about importing my old blog into a new platform. Like, how do you “fix” broken links etc?


    1. Thanks Carolyn! I followed the instructions on the site re shifting from Blogger to WordPress. It was quite straightforward – downloading Blogger blog to desktop, uploading file to WordPress. I do have some broken links and wonky comments. I hope to do a post soon!


  14. I love how you tied the strap. I’ve always stayed away from ties because I never liked the bow around my neck (I feel too junior in it). It’s a very nice print and pattern. great jeans!
    As many said…I don’t think people portray a false life, generally. However, both aesthetics and privacy play an important role for me when deciding what to post.


  15. I stumbled on your blog this morning and think its great. Love the blouse and – looking at your previous posts – good to know that even bloggers have things in the wardrobe that don’t quite work out in the real word. I think I have just made a summer dress that may never see the sunshine.


  16. Absolutely lovely blouse! Isn’t it wonderful when a project turns out AND you are able to integrate it into your wardrobe in a meaningful way? I am sure we have all made things that were perfectly wearable, but just didn’t fit in anyplace with what we tend to wear.

    As to blogs portraying a false reality, I think you are right that it is natural to present things in a way we feel good about, whether it’s by taking “artful” photos or omitting the more unpleasant details of our daily lives when writing a post. Personally, since my husband and I do my photos together and it is a mutually-enjoyed hobby, we have definitely decided to make more of an effort with them; that makes things fun for both of us and gives us a way to be creative together (and it gets us out of the house!!!). As you said, the chores and “to-do” piles do not disappear just because they aren’t in the frame! =)


  17. Love the blouse and the ties—so very cute on you. And I love the WordPress blog! 😉 easier to comment on!

    I try so hard for that illusion of perfection in my blog photos, yet so rarely achieve it. 😉 especially now that it’s strictly indoor shots for the season… 😉 it’s nice to see outside the crop from time to time, though! 😉

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  18. I love your blouse!! I’ve been thinking about a neck-tie blouse for quite a while not finding the right pattern – what pattern did you use?


  19. All of us, man and woman, child and oldster, present a public image that may be very different from the “me” inside. Those of us who are brave enough to have a close correlation between our private and our public selves are the ones labelled “authentic.” Those of us who have a really wonderful invented self, and also a really wonderful private self (but which may be nowhere near the same thing as the invented self) are the ones labelled “creative.” Those of us who have an invented self that we use to trick or manipulate others into doing what the horrid mean evil private self wants them to do are the ones labelled “criminal.”

    Try to avoid the criminals, if you can.


  20. Well I was wanting to know what pattern you used as well and I see it’s your own. Would it be possible to see maybe a simple drawing of it and perhaps I could try my hand at it. I too just stumbled upon your blog and find it lovely 🙂


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