Victorian Blouse

Victorian Blouse by Pattern Scissors Cloth

If you look back on my Instagram feed, you’ll find a sneak peek of this blouse in progress way back in June 2017. Well it’s changed a bit since then! The blouse was never finished because I always felt something was not-quite-right, and after deliberating on it for a year (good things take time!) the problem […]

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DP Studio Le 604 Shirt – Sewing Details

Tucks on DP Studio Le 604 Shirt

I recently sewed this shirt (le 604 from DP Studio) and it has quickly become a firm favourite. The fabric is Liberty silk chiffon and is gorgeous to wear – I am an official addict of this fabric, and looking forward to cutting into another gorgeous piece that I have! As you can see by […]

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DP Studio Shirt – Le 604 – in Liberty Silk Chiffon

DP Studio Le 604 Shirt Pattern Scissors Cloth

It is not often that I buy home sewing patterns. When you spend your whole day making them like I do, why would you? But then I discovered DP Studio and why would you not! These patterns are exciting, innovative, and fashion focused – I bought two! I ordered direct through DP Studio, but found out later that […]

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All Tied Up Blouse

I sewed this tie-neck blouse back in April and it has finally made it onto the blog. I have been wearing it all winter – so it’s a goodie! The pattern is the same as my other tie-neck blouse I made last year, bar a couple of minor tweaks. I raised the neck split a bit to make it […]

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An Ink Stain Print Blouse

Remember I bought some new fabric (oops – seven fabrics) on impulse recently?  Well I’ve been really good and sewn one piece up already.  I initially had this blouse/shirt pattern earmarked for some black viscose, but I had sewn sew much black recently that I started to feel guilty, and decided to make it up […]

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