Stash Enhancement Day

It was a beautiful spring day and I was walking home from Pilates soaking up the sights and sounds with that extra sensory perception that you get after a good workout.  The chatter of excited conversation arose from one particular building usually closed for the weekend, and a freshly scrawled blackboard sign reading “Pop-up Sale” directed my gaze to a window full of FABRIC!!

I walked on home.

Haha – no I did not!  I walked out with these seven pieces:

Future Dress – Future Blouse – Future Shirt – Future Dress – Future Top – Future Dress or Shirt – Future Top

Number 1 and 4 are stable knits, number 5 is silk, and the rest are viscose prints.

The pop-up sale was held by Moa, a clothing boutique in West Lynn village. If you are interested in their clothing they were selling some of that too, but what we are really interested in is fabric, right?!

So, Aucklanders – they are also open tomorrow, and probably next weekend as well (they said they were only 1/3 of the way through sorting out their workroom yet!)  I don’t know the street number, but it is on Great North Road, Ponsonby end, opposite Giltrap Prestige, next to the lunch bar.  Worth checking out 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Stash Enhancement Day

  1. Ooh I know exactly where you mean, might have to hit it up next weekend! Also there is a new fabric shop in Newmarket called Drapers and it's worth checking out. On Teed St opposite Ingrid Starnes.


  2. Do you stick with your fabric plans? I’m just curious because when I buy fabric I have a plan in my head for it but typically this changes drastically as I move along! 🙂


    1. I generally do stick with my plans, in that I’ll buy something with a top in mind, but the actual design of that top is yet to be determined. I’ve made up 4 of these fabrics as planned, and another one hopefully soon. The other two I don’t like as much now, maybe I got a bit over-excited at the time!


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