The Ruby Slip – Free Pattern and Sewalong!

The free pattern for the Ruby Slip is now available – yay!  I have uploaded it to Google Docs and Scribd, so you can decide which is more convenient for you.  Don’t forget to download the instructions too, where you’ll find the sizing and yields, cutting and sewing instructions.

Google Docs:


I designed the pattern sheet with the pieces overlapping “Burdastyle style”.  I’m not sure if this was a great idea or not – it does mean less printing and sticking of pages together, and preserves the grade nest for further use, but it also means having to trace your size off… let me know what you think!

I also forgot completely about the strap on the pattern sheet so I’ve given you a rectangular measurement to cut to – you might want to be aware of that if you want to whizz ahead and cut it out this weekend without reading the instructions!

Here’s the sew-along button – you can copy and paste it to the sidebar of your blog, and then link it to my new Sew-Along page (tab at the top) where I will assemble all the sew-along posts in one place for your convenience.

(By the way if you have a RTW Tailoring Sew Along link and want to keep it, you might want to change that to the Sew-Along page too as I thought it would be easier to combine them together – the RTW Tailoring one will disappear soon.) 

So get out the tape and start printing and sticking this weekend, as the Ruby Slip Sew-Along starts on Monday – you can start sewing along any time of course!



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I'm a designer/patternmaker who loves to share my sewing knowledge with others! Follow me as I sew my personal projects, sharing my favourite tricks of the trade along the way.

55 thoughts on “The Ruby Slip – Free Pattern and Sewalong!

  1. This is gorgeous, exactly the pattern I needed to have. And your version looks so beautiful! I don´t think, I can make it before christmas, but I will start right away after christmas.
    Thanks a lot.


  2. Yay! I probably can't get to this before Christmas, but I will SO be reading along. My insane-Christmas-brain is trying to convince me that ALL my female relatives need one of these, but it's Not. Going. To. Happen. This year.

    Next year, all bets are off.

    As to the pattern nesting—personally, for print-off patterns I prefer non-nested. My main reason for tracing is to preserve the original, but for a printable pattern the original is the PDF; I feel no compunction about hacking and slashing my printed versions. Unless there's a reason to use a tissue (traced out) pattern with delicate fabrics rather than a paper-weight pattern?


  3. Monday? Well, I'm going to attempt to squeeze this in during the sew-along, but no promises. 🙂 I think I already have all the materials necessary in my stash, so extra shopping won't be an issue.


  4. Fantastic!! I'm in the midst of some pattern drafting work and some complicated fitting on a vintage kimono sleeved dress so happy to do something more relaxed and more important, with your fantastic help.


  5. Another Sew-Along! I learned a lot from your first, so I'll do my best to follow along here. Things are hectic, so no promises that I'll keep up with the sewing, but I'll definitely keep up with the reading and get to the sewing as best that I can.


  6. This is so funny because I was *just* searching for slip patterns to buy online because I really wanted to make one. This is perfect and the sew along is going to be so helpful. Thanks!


  7. This is so funny because I was *just* searching for slip patterns to buy online because I really wanted to make one. This is perfect and the sew along is going to be so helpful. Thanks!


  8. This is so funny because I was *just* searching for slip patterns to buy online because I really wanted to make one. This is perfect and the sew along is going to be so helpful. Thanks!


  9. This is so funny because I was *just* searching for slip patterns to buy online because I really wanted to make one. This is perfect and the sew along is going to be so helpful. Thanks!


  10. I think the slip you have posted is just beautiful. I really want to make one. I think I have enough fabric in my stash to get started right away. I forgot to congratulate you on your two years of blogging! Your blog is so inspiring and I've learned many useful sewing tips this past year. Thank you!


  11. Thanks Sherry – your slip looks beautiful. Is it possible to download the pattern on a larger sheet format – so that it can be printed off at the copy shop? Sorry to be a pain, I just thought it might be easier than taping lots of sheets together.


  12. The nested pattern is good for me – the less printer ink used, the better in my mind:) tracing off the extra pieces doesnt take long, and can be done with any spare paper lying around – I often use old newspapers or greaseproof paper(baking parchment)I'm all for the less waste approach!


  13. Handmade – I'll think about doing that next time!
    GreatNana – The link will change to the Sew-Along tab
    Cuada Design – I've used newspapers in the past too – they're a good size!


  14. Well I am very late to this party, I was sent here from a review someone wrote of this pattern on I love how this looks, and the review was really positive, I'm going to try it soon myself 🙂


  15. I was the costumer for a high school play. We had almost no budget to work with and no costumes at the school. I managed to borrow almost everything, but I needed to have 4 dresses that matched and also went with an other dress that we borrowed. I spent less than $70 on all four dresses that I made from this pattern. I made them all with black satin for the skirt and four different colored sequin mesh, lined for the bodice. Since they really are slips, I had the girls wear black camisoles under them and I made the straps one inch wide. They loved the dresses, they looked fantastic and they went perfectly with the dress we already had!


  16. Last spring, I made 4 of these for a play I was costuming. I did have to make a few changes, since I was using them as dresses.The skirt was satin and I used a sequined fabric and lined the bodice, for the top. I made a thicker strap, so the girls could wear a bra with it and added a side zipper. They were quick and easy. The girls loved them and even though they were slightly fitted, they could dance in them as well!


  17. I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but I'm not sure if it's my style (and there are projects that are more important to me at the moment). But, I just promised my friend that I will make one for her for her birthday present! Well, it'll be late, but we'll be moving in together, so fitting will be easier. She fell in love with the model 🙂

    I really prefer the nested patterns: I'm from Finland and this is what I'm used to. I also prefer printing less and I always trace the patterns from pdfs as well: I think the tracing paper is nicer to work with when cutting your fabric.


  18. Do you have any tips or tricks on how to successfully put together the pattern? I’m about 2/3 of the way through my 2nd attempt and I’m having trouble making all of the lines match up


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