Has it really been that long?

As many of you have noticed I’ve taken a rather long blogging break..  It wasn’t intentional, it just sort of happened.  Time passed, the blogging break got longer, and whenever I went to write a ‘comeback’ post the words all seemed as tacky and wrong as the word comeback, so it was easier to log off and try again another day, or week, or month, or year….

So here I am again, exactly three years to the day since my last blog post!
(ok let’s be honest, I waited an extra five days just so I could write that!) 

I can’t pinpoint why I stopped blogging.

Highly likely it was because my work hours increased – my job somehow evolved into a full-time one. (How did that happen by the way?)

Maybe because not a lot of home sewing was happening anyway.  That teal mohair jacket sat for ages on the mannequin gathering dust!

Maybe because I have so many unfinished projects. I look at them and suffer Instantaneous Mental Paralysis. The only cure for that is to turn around and shut the Unfinished Project Room door.

I certainly started to feel a pressure to post regularly, which was a responsibility I never planned on having. Blogging was supposed to be my hobby, not my job. With the growth in readership I started to feel like a commercial blogger.  I never wanted to work to a blogging schedule or feel like I had to write something.

Maybe I needed to be free of the shackles of a blog for a while – to escape.  Maybe that is why I took up running!

Slowly, but slowly my mojo is coming back – I have done some fun sewing, finished a few projects, and started a few new ones (something I really don’t need to do!).  I did finish that teal mohair jacket, and have a sudden urge to finish a quilt I started about 6 years ago, and the new one I’ve started.  But I still have a massive stash of fabric that sends my brain into overdrive. And a growing sewing queue….

In other words, I haven’t really changed!

During my absence, I’d frequently think of my favourite bloggers during the long days at my worktable.  I’d wonder how you were and what you were making at the moment, what the weather was like in your part of the world, how much your kids have grown.  I’d check in occasionally on your blogs, find out some of you had married, had kids, started businesses, or were exactly the same,  but I’d be shy and you would never have known I had stopped by. On my blog, some of you questioned where I was and whether I was alright, and many of you popped on over to my running blog to discover that yes, I am still standing!

Earlier this year I made my neglected old sewing blog private, but after reading this lovely lady’s post I quickly made it public again.  I hope to find the time to post a bit more, obviously not as frequently as before but enough to stay in touch.

And you know what?  I’m looking forward to catching up with you all again!
xx Sheryll

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73 thoughts on “Has it really been that long?

  1. I'm so pleased you're back! As a quiet (i.e. non-commenting) reader, I was so sad when you disappeared and heartbroken when your blog went private. Welcome back!


  2. So happy that you're back! I too am guilty of being a non-commenting lurker – but I LOVED your blog and always planned to follow the tailored jacket sew-a-long one day xx


  3. I hadn't discovered sewing blogs three years ago, so I never was a regular reader of your blog, but I'm so excited you're back because I can't tell you how many links from other bloggers I've tried to follow to what, according to them, always seems to be the best tutorial on whatever the subject is. So, yay! I'm glad you're open again:)


  4. Nice to hear from you! I'm really happy you´re doing well. I learned tons from your blog and referenced your tutorials in some occasions. Indeed someone mentioned your running blog and I was happy to discover you were alright. I do understand your feeling for wanting to stop. Yet at the same time, the bloggers you´ve been following for a long time become like a virtual sewing club and you miss them when they are gone.
    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.


  5. What a lovely surprise . I always enjoyed your posts and I learnt quite a bit reading them . Don't push yourself too hard as its great having you back !


  6. HOORAAAAAY! So many times in the past few years I've thought 'Sherry would know the answer to that question.' Thanks for opening your old posts again. There is such a wealth of knowledge there!! and only post as much as you want to. cheers! Kimbersew


  7. Hello! I'm one of those that has been following your running blog. I remember that some of the old posts here were really helpful and I'm looking forward to perusing them again. Thanks for reopening them and welcome back!


  8. Welcome back! I'm so glad you've decided to return, even though I still followed your running site and let others know you were still okay when they asked (usually about where they could download the Ruby Slip pattern after your blog went private!). Many, many happy returns, and I hope I'm proof that you can have enough time in life for running AND sewing! 😉


  9. YAY!!! I also used to refer to your great information frequently, especially the RTW jacket posts. Even if you never post, I'm so grateful to have all your old posts for reference again. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


  10. oooo! i am so very pleased to see you back again! i was so bummed over the winter when i went looking for your EXCELLENT tutorials on jackets/coats. but you have returned! which is such a boost of encouragement for my plans for sewing a winter coat this fall… hooray!


  11. You have been missed! And certainly not the only one who hasn't posted or finished projects (that would be me). Including the half made jacket started years ago on your sew along. I noticed your blog was private and was a bit sad about that. So glad you are back and are just fine 🙂


  12. It's great to see you back! Hurraaayyy!! I am also glad you did not turn 'commercial', as some of the successful bloggers. Looking forward to learning from you!


  13. Yay! Welcome back! I have really loved your blog and learned a lot from it. I was so sad when it went private, I was even going to email you! Isn't it great to see how much people missed you? 🙂


  14. What a lovely surprise to see your post in my RSS feed tonight. You have certainly been missed.

    Please don't feel pressure to post more often than you want to. It's your blog. Do with it as you will and enjoy it. I appreciate what you contribute to the home sewing community.


  15. Great to see you back, always loved seeing your projects and amazing tutorials so thank you for making those all publically available again. There shouldn't be any pressure to post content all the time, that just sucks all the joy out of it especially if it isn't your job – though please don't go away for another 3 years either!!


  16. Welcome back Sherry. You have been sorely missed. I was ecstatic when I discovered that your blog re-appeared. Thank you for resurrecting it, you have such a wealth of information on here, it would be a shame to hide it. I look forward to any future posts that you write, in your own time of course! I've been popping over to your running blog to make sure that you're still out there!


  17. For all these time I regularly came back to your wonderful blog, Sherry – and I am not along! 🙂 Today I started to delete all old unworkable links from my “favourite list” and a MIRACLE happened! 🙂 I am so glad to be able to read you again 🙂 I am also one of your quiet readers and do not comment but here I could not be silence! I also have a lot of unfinished projects and quite a list of future projects but you motivates me and gives me a push! 🙂
    I am really so happy! I guess now you see that we are ready to wait A LOT for your next post – at least another three years ;))


  18. We missed you, Welcome back! Please feel free to blog whenever you want (I sure wouldn't like to know that you feel under pressure). Did you ever get some of the messages I sent you to thank you? In the 3 years since you last wrote, I won the French Sewing Bee, in part because I ate all of your information and was able to regurgitate it quickly when needed. I owe you so much! Thanks!


  19. I totally get not finding the time to blog! (Heck, I'm lucky if I post twice a month these days :P) but it's great to have your blog available—I missed all the info you had posted SO much. (Ok, I missed you, too, but I respect whatever reasons you had/have that keep you from it. Blogging absolutely shouldn't be a chore!

    But it's great to hear from you and great to have access to your archives again—even if you never wrote another word, I would still be linking to the great info you shared. I'd love to hear more from you (dude, teal mohair!) but I sure don't want blogging to be a stress. Either way—great to have you back! 😀


  20. You have no idea how excited i was to see this post! Just the other day Amy from Cloth Habit and I were crying about this blog being private and you no longer blogging… WELCOME BACK! WE MISSED YOU!


  21. I am busy with a trench coat using your rtw sew along and I opened your blog to check something and I sew this post and I had to check the date , could not believe ☺.I am very happy that you are in good health and that your sewing mojo is back is also nice. Welkom back , we missed you!! And thank you so much for letting the blog public, I've had almost a hart attack when I saw that it was out of the air, thank you.


  22. Yippee ! I often click on your blog links just to check if its still off the air, and today a miracle happened! Good timing too as I'm making a jacket and its great to look at your tutorials. I peeked at your running blog just to check you hadn't been hit by a car! Great to see you're still around and you're opening up this as a resource for us again!


  23. What a fab surprise to see you post! I am so glad, your posts were always easy to read but full of useful tips and tricks. I even still have a Burda pattern in stash which whenever I look at, I think of you, as I always intended to make it as you did (Burda #109 from Jan 2010!)


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