Has it really been that long?

As many of you have noticed I’ve taken a rather long blogging break..  It wasn’t intentional, it just sort of happened.  Time passed, the blogging break got longer, and whenever I went to write a ‘comeback’ post the words all seemed as tacky and wrong as the word comeback, so it was easier to log off and try again another day, or week, or month, or year….

So here I am again, exactly three years to the day since my last blog post!
(ok let’s be honest, I waited an extra five days just so I could write that!) 

I can’t pinpoint why I stopped blogging.

Highly likely it was because my work hours increased – my job somehow evolved into a full-time one. (How did that happen by the way?)

Maybe because not a lot of home sewing was happening anyway.  That teal mohair jacket sat for ages on the mannequin gathering dust!

Maybe because I have so many unfinished projects. I look at them and suffer Instantaneous Mental Paralysis. The only cure for that is to turn around and shut the Unfinished Project Room door.

I certainly started to feel a pressure to post regularly, which was a responsibility I never planned on having. Blogging was supposed to be my hobby, not my job. With the growth in readership I started to feel like a commercial blogger.  I never wanted to work to a blogging schedule or feel like I had to write something.

Maybe I needed to be free of the shackles of a blog for a while – to escape.  Maybe that is why I took up running!

Slowly, but slowly my mojo is coming back – I have done some fun sewing, finished a few projects, and started a few new ones (something I really don’t need to do!).  I did finish that teal mohair jacket, and have a sudden urge to finish a quilt I started about 6 years ago, and the new one I’ve started.  But I still have a massive stash of fabric that sends my brain into overdrive. And a growing sewing queue….

In other words, I haven’t really changed!

During my absence, I’d frequently think of my favourite bloggers during the long days at my worktable.  I’d wonder how you were and what you were making at the moment, what the weather was like in your part of the world, how much your kids have grown.  I’d check in occasionally on your blogs, find out some of you had married, had kids, started businesses, or were exactly the same,  but I’d be shy and you would never have known I had stopped by. On my blog, some of you questioned where I was and whether I was alright, and many of you popped on over to my running blog to discover that yes, I am still standing!

Earlier this year I made my neglected old sewing blog private, but after reading this lovely lady’s post I quickly made it public again.  I hope to find the time to post a bit more, obviously not as frequently as before but enough to stay in touch.

And you know what?  I’m looking forward to catching up with you all again!
xx Sheryll

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73 thoughts on “Has it really been that long?

  1. Lovely to see you again and glad that you have been taking care of yourself. Another that is happy that I can access your wonderful tutorials, as you have inspired me to make quite a few things but life keeps getting in the way.


  2. OMG you're baaaaack! Yay!

    I wondered what had happened when I tried to look at your blog and found I couldn't. I'd thought it was some kind of bug!

    Welcome back (not that I've been around much myself!) I'm looking forward to seeing some sewing stuff again (I've been reading your running blog, even though I don't run myself).


  3. Oh oh oh! So glad you're back! And so glad you decided to open up to public view again. I was so disappointed to be unable to access your old posts. Your tailored jacket sew along posts are my go-to when I'm doing that, and I love the insights into professional workroom techniques. Used to check your running blog to make sure you were alright… Love to hear from you, and see what you're working on- no pressure… Just great to see you online again.


  4. Oh, Sherry; I'm so, so pleased you're well and busy with life. I'm also pleased that we can again read your spectacularly helpful archives. I certainly missed re-reading all that knowledge you took the time to document – and I imagine it takes quite a commitment to write and photograph each entry. The fact that so many people use your posts to better their skills is testament to your clear direction and wealth of experience.

    Like others, I want to express my joy you're back while at the same time emphasising there shouldn't be any pressure on you to update.

    I'm just so happy to read your past entries again.

    I feel like I'm gushing.

    Am I gushing?



  5. Sherry, I am also so very glad you are back! I have most of your tutorials printed out (in color) and use them as my go-to methods (in place of all the sewing books that I own). Thank you so much for all the hard work of putting them together. I feel that I always learn from reading your project posts. Seeing your post pop up on my reader just made my day! Yay!


  6. Hi! I have to admit, I never read your blog before. This is the first ever blog post I've read from you, but I want to say that I am so so so so happy you made your blog public again! I stumbled across the Ruby Slip pattern mid-July, and was instantly smitten. I've thought about making it several times since then, but I'd have to make a few adjustments. Everything I could find on the Ruby Slip linked me back to your private blog, and I couldn't find anything about it. I considered fudging it and making my own adjustments, but that was scary. Now that I have access to all of your wealth of information, you can bet I will be making a slip soon!

    Oh, and I am now following along with any future posts. XOXO


  7. I really liked this part of the article, with a nice and interesting topics have helped a lot of people who do not challenge things people should know.. You need more publicize this so many people who know about it are rare for people to know this... Success for you.....!!!


  8. Ooh it's so exciting to have you back. I'm making my first coat and reading my way through your jacket sewalong in preparation. I would have been very sad (and a bit lost) if you'd taken the posts down! But no pressure… blogging should be fun, so only do it when you feel like. If you ever feel like writing about your job I'd be interested too. Hope life is treating you well.


  9. So happy you are back. This is such a fantastic blog — I was sorry to see there were no new posts when I discovered it earlier this summer. Thank you for your truly great tutorials!


  10. Oh, I'm so happy to find your long-awaited post. I have pinned many of your tutorials and still a great source of guidance and inspiration for me. I get the mojo-thing. It will come 🙂 Welcome back!


  11. Welcome back! Great to see you online and hope to see more from you! If you're into it, that is. It's strange to feel pressure around something that is meant to be fun and relaxing. Running is a great way to literally escape from stress – I do it as well to put physical and mental distance between whatever's getting me down. Whatever you decide to do in blogging or sewing, it's nice to 'see' you again!


  12. Hi Sherry!!! I myself have taken a bit of a blogging break and missed your return. As Heather mentioned I missed your blog so… but I know how it happens, how the pressure can build especially as an audience increases. Sometimes you just need to step back ;). I hope you are well and having a lovely beginning of spring!


  13. So glad to have you back! I found sewing again during your hiatus and read your blog, learnt from it and loved it. I always hoped you'd be back some day. It's great to have you writing again! What I am trying to say is, thank you, you've been a great teacher even though you didn't even know how helpful you were.


  14. I'm so totally utterly happy to find your blog open again! I've really missed your tutorials! I was searching today for how to do a bagged jacket lining like your RTW sewalong, and when I saw your page open I nearly cried! It's so good to hear you again. And I totally get the time thing. 🙂


  15. Can’t believe it took me this long to discover you’re back! It seems like I just checked back a few months ago. I love and have missed all your industry-insider tips. Thanks for coming back to the sewing world!


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