Following My Basic InstincT

I made this T-shirt a year ago, shortly after Sasha released her free Basic InstincT pattern. But it sat on a coathanger in my workroom for all that time without being worn. And there it hung, for one year, annoying me every time I walked in the room!

Pattern Scissors Cloth : Basic InstincT

Why so annoying? After all this was the most perfect fitting T-Shirt I have ever had. Sasha’s pattern is excellent – I recommend downloading it now if you haven’t already!

Although it is just a simple classic T-shirt, the details included in this pattern are the next level. There are specific instructions for stripe matching as well as binding the back neckline to add quality touches. And I got to play with the twin needle on my machine which is always fun:

Pattern Scissors Cloth : Basic InstincT

Anyway, the problem with my T-shirt was that there was one more finishing touch to do before it was allowed to leave the workroom. Involving one final ingredient that was proving hard to find:

Pattern Scissors Cloth : Following My Basic InstincT

Luckily I chanced on freezer paper at Spotlight recently while shopping for something else! So last weekend I gathered the tools and finished up my Basic InstincT. All the sewing work had been done.  The finishing touch involved just a little handiwork on the front:

Pattern Scissors Cloth Basic InstincT

I’m quite pleased with how this turned out. Cutting the stencil was the trickiest part as you have to be very neat, but I got there with a good helping of patience.


I may now be an official T-shirt addict. This intrigues me a little as I have always overlooked T-shirts as they tend to look unflattering on me. It just shows what a difference a well cut pattern makes. Thank you Sasha 🙂

The trousers I’m wearing here are my City Cargoes, made a few years back and still going strong! The sage green fabric for this T-shirt was purchased from Geoff’s Emporium along with a steel blue colour (pic below).


I guess I should explain what all those other fabrics are. I snapped them up at Spotlight too for a few more Basic InstincT’s.  Hopefully these T-shirts won’t take so long!

Do you like T-shirts, or have you overlooked them like I have all these years?


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9 thoughts on “Following My Basic InstincT

  1. Hi there,
    You have tempted me to make a T shirt or two, but I can’t get the link to the pattern to work. Can you help?

    Love your T and would love to know more about the final step. It looks absolutely perfect.


    1. Hi, I thought I would post an up-date and hope that is ok. In order to gain access to the lovely pattern you need to go to Sasha’s site and register. You should then receive a link to download the pattern.

      Have a fun sewing week and thank you for alerting us to this lady.


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