Here Comes Trouble


Do you want to make your own here comes trouble T-shirt? Well you can – I’ve uploaded the logo, so all you need to do is gather your tools!

Pattern Scissors Cloth - Here Comes Trouble

Here’s what I used:

A T-shirt, freezer paper, textile ink, sponge brush, a blade and cutting board, scissors, tape and a fine tip pencil. I found the freezer paper in the quilting section at Spotlight, and the textile ink and sponge brush at Geoff’s Emporium.

Maybe you are lucky and have a fancy die cutting machine – in which case you won’t need half that stuff!

But you will need a logo – you can print out here comes trouble below, or design your own.

Here Comes Trouble – A4

Here Comes Trouble – Letter

Print it out and tape it to your cutting board, then place some freezer paper securely on top, with the waxed side down:


Trace the logo as accurately as possible (I used a ruler for straight lines, the baseline and letter tops), and cut the logo out of the freezer paper using the blade. This is the trickiest part – and the reason I selected the Bauhaus font! Remember to cut out the islands in the centre of letters like ‘o”, because you need those.


The next step is to iron the logo (including the islands!) to the T-shirt. The waxed side of the freezer paper adheres to the fabric enabling nice crisp edges to your stencil:


Finally the fun part! Place some cardboard between the front and back so the paint doesn’t leak through. You really don’t need much paint on the sponge brush. I applied two coats, letting it touch dry in between:


Once dry, peel off the freezer paper to reveal your work:


The textile ink I used required heat setting with an iron for a few minutes, then it was ready to wear – tada!

Pattern Scissors Cloth Basic InstincT

In case you are wondering what this perfect T-shirt pattern is, it is the Basic InstincT (comes recommended by me!), and the trousers are oldies but goodies – my City Cargoes.

Have you ever stencilled a T-shirt before? How did it go, and what products did you use?


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6 thoughts on “Here Comes Trouble

  1. Love this! I’ve used both spray paint and sharpie and regular old acrylic paint with freezer paper stencils, but I’d love to try an ink that would end with a softer product. I feel boring cuz I got my freezer paper from the grocery store though! 😂


  2. Nice! I wondered how you’d done it. Tanitisis, I always envy North Americans with their ready access to cheap freezer paper. It seems to cost a lot here and I’ve only seen it by the metre. So if you are from North America and visiting NZ, bring a few boxes to gift to quilters and sewing friends.
    I’ve heard that the wrappers off photocopy paper also work, so that could be worth a test if you can’t get hold of freezer paper.
    Your cutting is so skilled – I can’t imagine getting such good results with a blade. Nice work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Offsquare had a post a while back using copy paper wrapping, I was going to try that but then I found the real stuff! (It was $15 for a roll at Spotlight).


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