New Pattern Coming soon!

For a while now, I have been dreaming of creating another sewing pattern for readers. Some of you might remember my first pdf pattern – the Ruby Slip from 2011. Nearly ten years on it is still a great bias slip pattern, and I still have one in my wardrobe!

But it is about time for a new pattern, don’t you think? This time I wanted to make something more wearable – something cool that a lot of people might like to wear, everyday and in lots of colours!

But which style? What sizes? How detailed should the instructions be? Should I charge? So many questions! And so many different answers to those questions! These are the things that took me forever. In my job I can make several patterns a day – but that’s how long it took me to decide on the line and notch styles for this one!

So, after going down a couple of rabbit holes, much procrastination and backtracking, I finally have a pattern ready for release. It is something I made in summer and wore it so much that I made a second one! I haven’t blogged about either of them yet so these shots are just a sneak peek. A couple more finishing touches to go and I can reveal all. I hope you’ll all love it!

If you are eager to be one of the first to sew my new pattern up, sign up here, pre-wash that cotton knit that has been in your stash for ever, and sharpen your scissors! [Edit: The pattern is now available – to access your copy click the Patterns page.]

xx Sheryll

PS: Did you ever make a Ruby Slip? Shall I update that next? I think we need a midi version! 💃

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7 thoughts on “New Pattern Coming soon!

  1. I made a ruby slip! And I still have it , it’s a great pattern. (I had a different blog at the time!)
    I also love your coat series – it’s probably one of the best tutorials I’ve ever come across.
    Looking forward to seeing your new design!


    1. I am sure I remember your version Chris – was it purple? (I’m sure it is on my Pinterest board!)
      So glad you loved the tailoring sew-along, hope you like the new pattern just as much!

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  2. I’m wanting to make the Ruby slip. I have a piece of stretch satin that I would like to use. Will that work for the bias cut? Also, what about a knit like tricot often used for lingerie?


    1. Stretch satin could work as long as it is very fluid. Try draping some on the bias on a mannequin to see if it hangs well.
      I would cut tricot on the straight grain. It could work in the Ruby skirt, but end up slightly shorter and wider.
      Let me know how you get on!


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