~tangerine nightmare skirt~

I finished the refashioning (can your refashion something when it is only 2 days old?) of my tangerine dream skirt last weekend, but it has been raining all week so haven’t had the chance to photograph it. Today however it was fine enough to venture outdoors:

Now that I’ve let it out at the waist it looks like it needs hitching up a bit – I can’t win with this skirt!  I am certainly not undoing all that topstitching again.  But the pulling and pocket gaping and drag lines are gone now, and it is now knee length, which I feel much more comfortable in.
And, very importantly, Tiggi showed her approval:
Or was she snowblinded by my winter white legs?!
Whatever – I’m filing this one in the wardrobe for now, and getting to work on my Chanel style jacket. 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Mt Ngauruhoe from Whakapapa Village, Central North Island, New Zealand

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13 thoughts on “~tangerine nightmare skirt~

  1. I love your tangerine skirt. The pocket issue is bearing noticeable. But I do understand your pain. Recently I experienced a similar situation with a pair of pants I made early summer. Needlesstosay, I didn't finish them as I couldn't resolve the gapping pockets and they were a bit tight across the behind.


  2. I can totally relate to the need to fix everything, and that slightly lower waist is my personal preference anyway. I think it is more flattering to the big-butted (ie, me) so I like it on everyone – whether they need it or not!

    Love that door you use as a backdrop by the way. Any chance you can persuade the husband that it is too aesthetically pleasing to need renovating?


  3. I'm thinking all my worrisome “doesn't quite look right” projects should be packed up in a box and dropped off on your doorstep. Great job with it, I thought it looked alright before but this is even better.


  4. Glad you were able to save it – I like the look of the orange with the neutral shoes. Agreed, on to the Chanel jacket! More making-of-Chanel posts!


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