~chanel jacket slow progress~

All those rows of quilting has caused progress to be quite slow on my Chanel-style jacket – the thread ends need to be unpicked and restitched back into place after the shell seam has been sewn – and there is a lot of thread ends!  Next time I will definitely take a more minimal approach to my quilting!

Here’s what I did:

Unpicked the quilting threads, cut the panel seams (being careful not to cut the threads), and sewed the seam by machine:

Pressed under the seam allowance on the centre back panel, and lapped it over the seam allowance of the side back panel:
Handsewed the lining seam using a fell stitch with 3mm spacing:

This is how I sewed fell stitch:
Proof that I completed a whole seam in fell stitch!   Now all those threads need to be stitched back into place:

I backstitched the ends in place, following the needle holes from the previous stitching, and it looks a little bit hand done, but close enough to the machine stitching for me:

Of course, on the right side there is an equal number of thread ends to be handsewn back into place too…..

And that is just one side back seam!  I have completed the other side back seam, and will start work on the side seams shortly.  See you next month…..

A couple of things I learnt through trial and error:

  • Leave long thread tails when machine quilting.
  • Overlock panel seams once cut, to prevent fraying.  (although backstitching the quilting threads does help to stabilise it quite a bit)
  • When machining the seam, make sure that not only the checks/plaid matches, but the quilting lines match too – I was half a quilting row out when I sewed my second seam…..

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12 thoughts on “~chanel jacket slow progress~

  1. Your jacket's quilting and seaming looks beautiful! Wow!!! I am in the planning stages of a jacket…I can only hope mine will look half as nice on the inside as yours does!


  2. Super impressive – book yourself a table at the French Cafe right now – by the time you get a booking you'll have finished the jacket and I can't think of a more perfect venue to show off your hard work and creative talents.


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