Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet Top using Invisible Binding Tutorial - Pattern Scissors Cloth

A glimpse of ultraviolet shone out at me from my stash. Working as carefully as a Pantone Colour of the Year follower, I eased the top of the pile out of the way so as not to disrupt any folds, and the silky gem slithered easily out of its preordained hierarchy. As my magpie-like fingers […]

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Tricks of the Trade: Invisible Binding

How to Sew Invisible Binding : A sewing tutorial by Pattern Scissors Cloth

Today I’m going to share with you my method for binding necklines or armholes invisibly. Haha you say – how can binding on a garment possibly be invisible? Well it can! Using this sewing technique the finished garment will have no visible stitching on the outside, and a bound appearance on the inside. Just like […]

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3-Step Zig-Zag Top

top back cut-away armhole

I know this place is at risk of turning into a lingerie blog lately, but I can’t help naming this top after the 3-step zig-zag! I made it mainly to wear to work. Yeah, I know – I spend my summer holidays sewing clothes to wear to work! It gets really hot in my workplace […]

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Review – Evie la Luve Esme Panties Kit

Esme Panties by Evie la Luve - a pattern review by Pattern Scissors Cloth

All I needed was a bit of ivory picot elastic… but I can never order just one thing from Elle Joan’s! It makes far more sense to maximise shipping and order a few more things, don’t you think? Good, I’m glad you agree. Anyway, that is how this Esme Panties Kit from Evie la Luve […]

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5 Sewing Tips for December

Have you ever turned your fabric selvedge into stabilising tape? Because of its firmly woven structure, a strip of selvedge is ideal to incorporate into a seam to hold things in place. I used these strips of silk selvedge to fix the gathers on my Ruby Slip bodice where they joined the bias skirt. An added advantage […]

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