Delicate Lace Bra

Delicate Lace Bra by Pattern Scissors Cloth

In my stash there lies several metres of this fine Chantilly-like lace, so when I needed something non-stretch to mock up my new bra pattern it was the first thing I turned to. Isn’t it beautiful? I just love how delicate it looks, but in actual fact it is tough as nails! It has featured […]

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Burgundy and Black

Barrett Bralette by Pattern Scissors Cloth

Recently I discovered Madalynne’s free Barrett Bralette pattern.  I am probably a little late to the party, but hey at least I finally made it – because it’s a super little pattern! I sewed it out of lace off cuts from work that were otherwise going to waste (I love that fact!) The bralette uses regular […]

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Midsummer Mittens

It has been so hot this summer, I knitted some striped mittens! What you say, is she mad? Well sort of! I have this new (to me) knitting machine that I was just dying to try out, and this project seemed like a good idea at the time. Even though most people were going to […]

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Whoops, Another Hobby…

I’m not sure what inspired me to suddenly ‘need’ a knitting machine. It is not because I needed another hobby – I already have too many and not enough hours in the day! Was it the desire to learn something new? A way of using up all the yarn I have acquired? One thing I […]

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Victorian Blouse

Victorian Blouse by Pattern Scissors Cloth

If you look back on my Instagram feed, you’ll find a sneak peek of this blouse in progress way back in June 2017. Well it’s changed a bit since then! The blouse was never finished because I always felt something was not-quite-right, and after deliberating on it for a year (good things take time!) the problem […]

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