Summer White

You might recognise the pattern for this top! I made it a couple of years ago in burgundy silk dupion, and it has literally worn out. I missed it so much that I made another – this time in a gorgeous embroidered cotton silk.

Can you believe I don’t have any white tops in my wardrobe? I have forgotten how versatile white is as it goes with almost everything. I can see this version wearing out too!

There are back buttons (totally decorative and non-functional) and I had to rummage around in my button collection to find six white ones the same. I settled on these vintage pyjama buttons that are actually all slightly different shades of white, but we won’t mention that!


I love how the embroidery on this fabric resembles hand worked cross-stitch! The sleeve is lantern shaped with curved seams and a tuck to give extra volume.


So glad I made this versatile little top – I know it will get worn a lot this summer. Time for a new pattern though, I’ve made this one twice now. Do you ever make patterns more than once? I think making something twice is my limit – there are too many other options!

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11 thoughts on “Summer White

  1. What beautiful fabric; you top is great and you will probably need to quickly make more.

    Love the sleeve design. I guess this is self drafted?


  2. Gorgeous fabric. You look absolutely beautiful and very summery.
    Some patterns we do to death because they are just so versatile, fit well and probably not too difficult to make.
    It’s the frustrating or the really magnificent ones that we only make once. I have a gorgeous ball gown that took me ages to make. Can’t see myself repeating that one.


  3. It’s gorgeous in that fabric. No one will notice buttons on your back not matching! I love to have a pattern that fits well and looks great; would definitely make it more than twice if it looked that good.


  4. Stunning fabric Sheryll and the top is so good on you. I do make things more than once, but I have this problem where I tweak the pattern each time then it barely resembles the original and I may have preferred the original! But, I just can’t seem to keep all my progress patterns and even if I do, I don’t know what goes with what and then it all gets too hard, I throw my hands up in horror and walk away!


  5. I enjoy making a pattern over again and refining the fit each time! But maybe that’s because I like having a ‘uniform’ of sorts to wear. Your blouse is lovely – that fabric is just so beautiful and the pattern showcases it perfectly.


  6. beautiful top, and fabric too! and those bright and sunny pics make me dream of summer days..
    i have made many patterns multiple times actually, i kinda enjoy doing same things over and over again 😀 especially after i’ve made something new and complicated that took a lot of time, i like to go back to one of my tried and true patterns for a bit of recovery sewing 🙂


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