Spot the Difference :)

It’s official – I am a hoarder. I can’t throw anything out, not even remnants. If something can be made from it, it is stored away for future use. Even small pieces that could potentially make a bra cup. So now you can imagine the size of my fabric collection…

There are disadvantages to this system – clutter, chaos, confusion and procrastination spring to mind. But it often proves to be a good thing – like two brand new bras sewn totally from remnants and recycled materials acquired over the years. Practically free! Well almost, the only item I needed to purchase to complete the projects were some underwires.

These 2 bras were made out of remnants leftover from this Evie la Luve Esme Panties kit. Although the kit was for one pair of Esme’s, I managed to cut two pairs from the fabric, and two bras as well – excellent value!

Can you spot the differences?

The main difference is in the band elastic – one is a ruffled organza trim and the other is fold over elastic. The straps also vary (one set is new and the other is recycled from an old bra), and the bow trims, rings and sliders are different too.

I haven’t worn these yet – to be honest they are not really my taste. That is one of the disadvantages of hoarding stuff – you end up making stuff just because you can!

I have made the same pattern (self-drafted) a few times now, and it has been worthwhile noting the variation in fit when using different materials. Even the quality of strap elastic makes a difference!

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