Whoops, I made Jeggings!


My black Levi’s Mile High Super Skinnies are such a well worn item in my wardrobe that I decided I could do with a second pair, so I tried out the Megan Nielsen Ash Jeans pattern (which is mid rise) and used a poly/viscose/elastane twill that I had on hand. The results were great but the fabric is a little soft and shows every lump and bump – so officially I’ve made jeggings!

front 2

Real denim would be more forgiving. but they are still wearable, I just feel a bit self-conscious around the butt so will restrict myself to wearing them with longer tops.

Pattern Scissors Cloth Ash Jeans

Megan’s Ash Jeans pattern is superb and I highly recommend it. The instructions are clear – I followed them exactly for the zip construction and it turned out well.


There are even helpful reminders when to change threads for topstitching. Everything went together well and the fit of these jeans is fabulous!

coin pocket

I made the skinny version, but there are also slim, flare and wide leg versions. I only made one change to the pattern, and that was to increase the waist to the next size up, as this was indicated by the measurement chart.

Pattern Scissors Cloth Ash Jeans

I stuffed up the jean button 100%…

Pattern Scissors Cloth Ash Jeans

It works though, and if I stick to wearing longer tops like I promised, only you and I will know!

Pattern Scissors Cloth Ash Jeans

These have been a useful addition to my wardrobe as I’ve already worn them a lot, mainly when my MHSS’s were in the wash! I plan on making more, but I prefer a high rise so will raise the waist next time. I also have the Dawn Jeans pattern in my queue!

Have you made jeans before? Any fun jeans making experiences to share?! Are you an Ash or a Dawn? I love both looks!


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6 thoughts on “Whoops, I made Jeggings!

  1. Yes, I’ve made jeans before. It was more fun when I had easy access to good denim, but my hometown weavers have left. There is no more American-made selvedge denim from the Cone Mills White Oak plant, in Greensboro, NC.

    And, since Wrangler Jeans are also headquartered here, I can buy well-made and well-fitting jeans for less money and effort than it would take to make them for myself. Though I do have to shorten the hem most times … .

    I worked for Wrangler in their advertising department in 1980-82. At that time, some of us “girls” were recruited as fit models. Wrangler was expanding its fit range for Misses jeans. They were able to come up with the astonishing (!) conclusion that not all women have the same sort of figure.
    Even with the same waist and hip measurements, some of us are narrow from front-to-back but wide side-to-side; some are wide front-to-back but narrow side-to-side; and some of us have mass evenly distributed all around. There were a few years in the 80s when you could find an excellent fit right off the rack. But that was long ago.

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  2. I have made them both and I think I like the Ash jeans pattern more than the Dawn, now that there is stretch denim in the world I find it hard to go back to no stretch 🙂 yours look great. and I agree both patterns are really good. I’ve taught a jeans class with the Ash pattern and everyone ended up with great fitting jeans.


  3. Nice jeggings! My question is, when do jeans become jeggings in reality? Is it just the fabric but the fabric combined w close fit? It seems to me that my jeans become jeggings when I nip them in at the ankle. Up till that point they pass for jeans? Thanks for the review. Xx


  4. I’ve only made pretend jeans – Stylearc Georgie jeans. I like them as i find the elastic more comfy that tight denim. Your leggings look pretty good. Shame to cover up all that hard work.


  5. Yes, I’ve made jeans. An Ottobre pattern with a strange un-jeans-like pockets, but good fit. However the fabric had stretch (which I loathe), so they’ve been passed on. But, honestly, why on earth do you need to hide your behind? No abundance of unsightly lumps that I can see, not even one. And I tried to find one!


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