3-Step Zig-Zag Top

I know this place is at risk of turning into a lingerie blog lately, but I can’t help naming this top after the 3-step zig-zag!

top back cut-away armhole

I made it mainly to wear to work. Yeah, I know – I spend my summer holidays sewing clothes to wear to work! It gets really hot in my workplace during summer and I needed more lightweight stuff.

The fabric is viscose and only cost $2! It came as two 40cm remnants that were not even full width (this could easily turn into a remnant blog too if I’m not careful…) so there was a bit of creative cutting that day.

We went down to the harbour to this vantage point where there are always people fishing – as you can tell by my hair it was a bit windy! Please excuse the creases from five minutes sitting in the car too – it is so hot and humid around these parts at the moment.

top front tie-neck

I modified the pattern from this orange top that I made a couple of summers ago, making the shoulder a bit wider and adding a tie neck like this ink-stain blouse. Only the tie is shorter because, you know – 40cm.

I always liked the bust-dart-down-to-the-hem idea of the orange top, and how that swung the side front on the bias – this added movement ease and made it comfy to wear. However, as soon as I cut this one out I kicked myself as I realised it turned the zig-zags diagonally too, but it really doesn’t bother me looking at these photos now. You can see the change in direction well in this one:

top cut-away armhole

The guy in blue caught a fish!

top side view

I went back and shortened the back more at the hem, to cut off the very tops of some zig-zags that were annoying me – they looked like holes in the hem when worn against black!

And just between you and me, I think that fish is undersize…

top tie neck halter

Reading through the comments on the orange top, apparently I promised a tutorial on the armhole binding technique I used. Obviously two years later I am still working hard at it, hehe!

Well you’ll be pleased to know I photographed all the steps when I made this top, so watch out for a tutorial soon – just don’t hold your breath!!

top front tie neck sleeveless

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13 thoughts on “3-Step Zig-Zag Top

  1. Lovely! I like how the zigzags go diagonally down.–it adds more interest. Add me to the list of sewists looking forward to the binding tutorial. 🙂

    Rose in SV

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