Ultra Violet

A glimpse of ultraviolet shone out at me from my stash. Working as carefully as a Pantone Colour of the Year follower, I eased the top of the pile out of the way so as not to disrupt any folds, and the silky gem slithered easily out of its preordained hierarchy. As my magpie-like fingers shook the folded fabric open it shimmered in the sunlight and floated in full flight. It quivered to a rest on my worktable and revealed my dressmakers dream – there was enough!

Enough to make another summer work top just like the last one.

Ultra Violet Top - Pattern Scissors Cloth

Well, similar. I swung the hem dart into the neckline and created gathers. Nothing too exciting – but I had to change something!

Neckline Ultra Violet Top - Pattern Scissors Cloth

You might recognise the fabric (a Tory Burch silk/cotton from The Fabric Store in Auckland) from this post on planning pattern placement, and this post on my bell sleeve peacock print shift dress. Yes, I now have two items in this fabric and it’s pretty intense!

It is a gorgeous quality though, and is absolutely perfect for the invisible binding technique I blogged about last week. Wow, you guys liked that tutorial! And rightly so – it is an awesome sewing technique to have in your arsenal.

Invisible Binding Ultra Violet Top - Pattern Scissors Cloth
This particular binding method is just as beautiful on the inside!

We have an Ultra Violet room in our house, so what better location could there be to take photos? (Actually it is Dulux ‘Elegant Lilac’, but close enough!)

Ultra Violet Top using Invisible Binding Tutorial - Pattern Scissors Cloth

I have to say these two tops have been a godsend at work so far because it has been a continuously hot humid summer. It was a welcome relief to visit the South Island last weekend –  although it was still hot, it is not as humid there so I finally felt I could move and breathe!

Lake Tekapo
Lake Tekapo

We love to take off into the back blocks when we are down there. This time we drove up the eastern side of Lake Tekapo to the end of the road at Lilybank Station. Well the road continues, but you need to ford the Macaulay River!

Lake Heron
Lake Heron

Another day we explored the Ashburton Lakes region and Hakatere Conservation Park – a tussock grassland basin dotted with lakes and surrounded by mountains.

Potts River
Potts River with Rangitata River and Mt Sunday in near distance

We drove through to Mt Sunday which is just before Erewhon Station on the edges of the Rangitata River.

Mt Sunday - Edoras
Mt Sunday

For Lord of the Rings fans, this was the location of Edoras in the films – do you recognise it?

Climbing Mt Sunday

It’s a short climb to the top for incredible views of the Southern Alps and the headwaters of the Rangitata River.

Top of Mt Sunday

It’s worth doing!


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15 thoughts on “Ultra Violet

  1. So beautiful! I picked up 2 meters of silk yesterday at our fabric meet up here in Victoria BC off the remnant pile and it’s gorgeous! I have a dream to make some sleeveless silk blouses for this summer (I know we’re months away but I’m onto the lead time it can take with sewing to get what you need ready!) and you’ve inspired me with this top which is gorgeous. I had a pussy bow blouse by Vogue arrive the other day and I was just thinking how nice it would be in a sleeveless silk and now here you are! Your silk it truly divine. I laughed reading your intro – just enough – YAY!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha – you recognise that just enough feeling! You are so wise planning ahead – I usually think about making things when I need them, and by the time I get around to making them it is almost too late in the season!


  2. What a gorgeous fabric Sheryl and just in time for this year’s colour!! Love the South Island and North too, but the humidity would kill me. It’s a bit humid now in Melbourne, so some relief is welcomed.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just such a beautifully gorgeous top, the armhole binding is just perfection. It suits you so well too! And no need to get too showy-offy about New Zealand being all fabulous like 😉 haha just kidding, I’m loving the scenic pics too!


  4. Gorgeous top! And thank-you for that lovely “armchair travelogue”. It’s always nice to see somewhere warm, when faced with the reality of cold and snow outside the front door.


  5. Love that pattern! And the couple you have shared are wonderful. Might make one in case the heat strikes here. Thank you for sharing this!


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