The Fan Trail T-Shirt, by Sonny Boy

Last weekend while we were walking the Rugby World Cup Fan Trail on the way to the All Blacks v Wallabies semifinal, Sonny Boy was obviously contemplating something…

“Mum, you know that black T-shirt, the one that is too small for Dad, but too big for me?”
“Do you think we really need it?”
“Well you will grow into it, but no, we don’t really need it, it’s only a T-shirt”

We walk up the road a bit further, with flag-flying cars tooting their horns as they drive by, past some colourful Wallaby supporters wearing kangaroo hats, street drummers, and a bus shelter with a local band playing garage music…

“Mum, do we have lots of sellotape at home?”
“Yes, I bought some the other day, and unless you’ve used it up already, it should still be there”
“Oh, cool.”

Onwards we follow the growing pilgrimage to Eden Park, past the overflowing pubs, the face-painters, and through a patriotic sea of black flags, silver ferns and black rugby jerseys…

“Mum, do we have any white paint?”
“Err, yes,”  I said hesitantly, realising these three well-spaced questions were ominously connected.  “What do you want white paint for?”
“I want to make an All Black T-Shirt!”

And he explained the idea that had been brewing in his mind during our walk.  Quite simple really, and quite effective – now I want one!

All you need is an old t-shirt, sellotape, and leftover fence paint!

By the way, if you can I really recommend walking part of the Fan Trail on Sunday – it winds it’s way from the waterfront downtown to the stadium at Eden Park where the final between NZ and France will be held – with a fantastic atmosphere all the way!

Go the All Blacks!

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16 thoughts on “The Fan Trail T-Shirt, by Sonny Boy

  1. LOL! Great t-shirt and your son sounds exactly like mine. (They look to be of a similar age too.) I'm currently making a Halloween costume under direction. 🙂 Got to love the way they think.


  2. Great shirt! Your son looks so like you (doh, surprise!)
    My son LOVES tape … what is it with boys and tape?
    Event though I am Australian … I hope you New Zealanders win! It would be great for you!


  3. How cool! My daughter had a similar idea for a school world cup day and made a fern exactly the same way on a black t shirt with masking tape (no paint, but once she sees this one….)I love kids creativity!


  4. I have to confess – the All Blacks are magnificent. It might allay Australia's sense of humiliation if they trash the French! So go the All Blacks!


  5. Great T-shirt and great result. I have a 12year old boy who was very disappointed to miss out on the whole party atmosphere. Never mind….ticker tape parade tomorrow….yah!


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