It’s Mistake Week!

Lately I’ve been beavering away on a Tatiana Pullover by Marlaina Bird from Interweave Crochet W2009.  I thought all was going smoothly until I laid it out to admire from a distance – I’m glad I did because one underarm is higher than the other:

Does your cat like to walk on your projects too?!

Honestly – how did that sleeve zoom up a whole pattern repeat to get way up there?  Anyway, I’ve unravelled the naughty sleeve and started a new one in the correct place.  This mistake comes hot on the heels of my post on this disaster red spot dress so I’m half expecting another errata this week, because don’t things like this run in three’s?

One great thing about crochet is that it is so quick, and this crochet lace is really enjoyable to do as each row is different.   I find it more intuitive than lace knitting too, where I practically need the chart with me at all times.  After a couple of pattern repeats, I had this one memorised and was soon experiencing chart freedom!

Oh – and don’t ask me why I am crocheting a jumper when summer is almost here – sometimes I just need to make something!  

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5 thoughts on “It’s Mistake Week!

  1. Ouch! This looks a bit like the back piece of a sweater vest that I am knitting. I'm slow and it is very discouraging that I will have to unravel so much of it.
    Still, misery loves company! So thanks for sharing, lol:-)


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