Finished – Emerald Silk Georgette Blouse

With little practical sewing progress to report lately, it is good to accomplish one thing and feel a hint of achievement – in the guise of a new emerald silk georgette blouse:

This is the one that I hand rolled the hem of the flounce on – Burdastyle August 2009 #117 Blouse.  The fabric is sheer so I chose to cut the blouse double, with the hem on the fold, with the inner and outer side seams are sewn in one complete pass.  It is certainly opaque now – I’m even wearing a black bra underneath and you can’t tell!

While the needle was threaded I hand overcast all the internal raw edges together to prevent a fraying and pressing disaster after washing – it was fun and surprisingly quick.  I blame Marina and her gorgeous blouse for inspiring this sort of behaviour in me!

Once I started hand sewing I couldn’t stop, and after attaching the neck binding by machine, I understitched it by hand using a prickstitch, then fell stitched it down.  Georgette is great in that the thread disappears into the crepey crinkles so the binding almost looks like it is there by magic:

Well, until you see a close-up photograph…

I found a mis-matching-but-close-enough flat button from the button box, and worked a loop at the neck edge for the inner closure:

Then I tried it on….and it was huge.  I think this was due to my fabric rather than the pattern – it was originally hand dyed, so the crepe texture had contracted a bit, and when it was pressed it flattened out a bit and grew.

Anyway I took 2cm off the armhole and side seam from the waist up, and also raised the side seam 1cm at the underarm to cover my bra band.  At this stage I was regretting all my handwork!  However it was worth it – it’s feeling a lot more like the top I originally envisaged.

I have given up on the flounce ever laying symmetrically – this fabric is so light that the slightest wisp of breeze rearranges them in an instant.  The top part is actually quite symmetrical despite how it looks in the photo, but the lower part is definitely cut slightly off grain and lays asymmetrically.  Honestly, whoever cut this should get the sack…

Maybe if I keep moving no-one will notice?!

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45 thoughts on “Finished – Emerald Silk Georgette Blouse

  1. Very, very nice. Handsewing is the BEST, so beautiful and soothing. Don't worry about the ruffle, my version of this top features the exact same problem. Did you press that seam open or to one side?


  2. This is a beautiful blouse. The colour and cut look stunning on you. I don't really have the patience for hand sewing but find it admirable in others. So lovely!


  3. C'est tres chic, and the colour is superb on you Sherry – fab work! I've been trying to buy a copy of that BurdaStyle magazine (08/2009) but it's a v. popular issue with all it's Parisian style section (I do wish Burda would sell back issues of their English printed mags :(!).


  4. This is absolutely gorgeous!! I love yours even more than the magazine photo for this, and I ADORED that Parisian photoshoot!

    There's something about handsewing that makes it so much more enjoyable when it's done by choice and not because it's the only option!


  5. I was too busy sighing at how lovely this blouse is to even think about noticing a teeny bit of asymmetry on the flounce.

    It's too adorable for words.


  6. It is stunning! The green is the perfect color on you and seriously, what an accomplishment with georgette!!! Such a hard fabric to master! It's completely gorgeous! I love all the hand work you've done. Totally totally lovely! xoxo, Sunni


  7. I need to dig this issue out and make this top. I remember really liking it when I first saw the issue.

    Question – how did you make such a nice button loop with thread? The last one I did looked very home made.


  8. This is a really beautiful blouse. All your painstaking hand stitching has paid off – it looks so perfectly done. I love the gorgeous rich colour, it suits you so well!


  9. Sherry, love what you did and I am so happy I contributed to your hand sewing motivation – it's really flattering to hear it from you as I still have much to learn! By the way, the washers you mentioned on my blog, do you mean those brass-type? I think lead is used in mine only because of the weight, and because you can flatten the lead disc much easier than brass or iron.

    looking forward for more updates from you!


  10. Steph – I didn't see your version, must check it out! I pressed the CF seam open.
    Claire – Yes it's a great issue, lots I wanted to make! I got mine from the library – could you try there? You can't request magazines at our library so I was lucky to spot it on the shelf!
    JoanneM – Hehe! That could have something to do with the reason I handsewed so much… 😉
    melissa – I love handsewing, but do have to be in the mood!
    liza jane – I think you'd look awesome in emerald – do it!
    Susan – OK – I'll do a tutorial!
    Marina – I have no idea what metal they are! I just choose something the right shape/weight – very DIY!
    Anne – Yes isn't it simialr? I could go that trench too. And if I was rich and not shrouded in volcanic ash plumes I'd get on the next plane for those shoes…!


  11. What a pretty blouse with lovely shaping in the sleeves, and the color really compliments you (your eyes seem at home in all that green!). I can't imagine having to go in and reshape the sides if they were double-layered. And it must be very hard creating patterns for georgette–it seems to have a mind of its own… the one fabric I'm still intimidated to sew!

    And I like the new masthead/logo!


  12. First of all this color looks amazing on you. Second, I love how floaty this looks, and third your hand stitching is flawless. It all adds up to a huge success!


  13. I'm impressed with your work! It's genius! Isn't it from Burda? I'm wondering if you could send me pictures (images) because I don't have this one. I will be obliged becouse this item is not available in my country.


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