Adding to the Procrastination Problem…

I forgot to mention in my Weekend Progress Report, that a little blue “Place Bid” sign stared back at me from the screen – three times would you believe – and I clicked on it to make it go away.  Funnily enough, look what turned up in the mailbox a couple of days later:

Yes, you would think I had enough projects, but they say you should always have a Five Year Plan, and I think that is advice worth following.

First up – Miss Vogue 7882 – a rather quirky jumpsuit pattern, still in factory folds – well it was:

I’m not sold on either of the pink jersey versions (although I do need pyjamas…), but what caught my eye was the wool herringbone sleeveless midi version.  I can actually see myself wearing this, being a polo neck and boots kind of girl. Or I could just be having a middle-age-moment?

Second up – Simplicity 1714 – a ‘simple town-going basic with 3/4 kimono sleeves in two silhouettes, the sheath and the graceful flare”:

The sheath version is the one I would make, currently I can only picture it in black or another dark neutral – any suggestions?  I would probably insert a zip at the CF, rather than a short CB zip that will only get my hair stuck in – ouch – and I would make real welt pockets rather than fake ones.

Third up – Australian Home Journal, December 1957 – with two pretty dress patterns.  How could I not?

At first I thought I had been conned, as it appeared all the pattern pieces weren’t there.

But a closer inspection revealed that several were either doubled up or hidden within other pieces – such as this skirt yoke, which is outlined by dots on the back pattern piece sort of like elementary Join-the Dots:

There we have it – what do you think of my, err, – new new projects?  Will a midi-jumpsuit make me look like a dweeb in a tweed, or will I look like I’m straight off a Gucci catwalk!?  (Or fallen straight off, maybe even pushed…)  Help me, clearly I need steering in the right direction!

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14 thoughts on “Adding to the Procrastination Problem…

  1. FABULOUS! I'm all for five-year plans myself 🙂 I absolutely ADORE the home journal dresses!!! I think you should do the jumpsuit…what a fun project!


  2. I can totally imagine that you fell for these patterns. And those dresses are lovely! I am planning to make a jumpsuit myself, by the way, and I can't wait to check out how yours will turn out!


  3. You made me laugh with the 5 year comment, so true. and I like both those dresses on the magazine cover, very pretty. and they are summer looking dresses. Ahh, Christmas down under, in summer – that would be fun.


  4. I am all over that jumpsuit, just for the illustrations alone. Love the beanie hairdo on the left. You never see stuff like that. Now wearability, I don't know, but someone should make it. ;). Hey, I think I just had that same “bid now” thing pop up on my screen…


  5. Five year plan, hahaha! Also you could wear whatever you wanted and I would never use the words middle aged to describe you from reading your blog. You have too much style for that.


  6. Neat patterns. I can see how they followed you home, so to speak. I just bought a couple of vintage jumpsuit patterns myself. The one you bought is really unique. I would love to see it made up.



  7. Five year plan… funny!!! I think if I realistically added up my plans they would take me just a tad longer than my whimsically imagined two months too…
    I really like the Ladies Home Journal dresses. I particularly like the interesting little button tab on that nicely scoop shaped neckband of the apricot/pink dress.


  8. They look great – I can't imagine that vest looking good, but I know you will surprise us with a fanstastic one!

    I love the Australian one too – how cool is that!


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