RTW Tailoring Sewalong Flickr Group – sorted!

Participants – we now have a Flickr group!  Join up now and you can share photos of what you are planning to make – it will be fun to see everyone’s pattern and fabric so we can ooh and aah!  And you can post photos now of your toile/muslin as you fit it, and ask questions, or give advice to others.

To post in our Flickr group, you will need to start a Flickr account (it’s free) if you haven’t already.  Then go to our group (above link), click on “join this group”, and you will then need to request an invite.  If you have signed up for the sewalong you will certainly be invited to join – just make sure I know who you are if your Flickr screen name is different to your blogging one!  The invite process is merely to limit unrelated posting in our group.  Everything is still public, so anyone can view photos, comment on photos and read the discussion.

So get started – there’s only one photo so far and it’s from me!!

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10 thoughts on “RTW Tailoring Sewalong Flickr Group – sorted!

  1. Sounds awesome Sherry – I have a few things on at the moment so wont join in but definitely will be reading each post for your enviable photos and skill!


  2. So very tempted to join but my current schedule simply will not allow. Have no fears though I will be following along all the same and will try to add some encouraging words along the way.

    Enjoy the process everyone.


  3. Hi Sherry – I would love to join in. I recently got the Lady Grey pattern from Colette Patterns -would it be suitable? Thanks


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