Vintage Sewalong 2011 – decisions, decisions!

Have you come across the Vintage Sewalong 2011 in sewing blogland yet? 

No?  Then click here!

I promptly signed up, and now I’m in the process of deciding what to make.  As usual I’m using stash fabrics, which is rather restricting, although I did have a considerable increase in available options recently….

Potential candidates so far are:

  • Butterick 2669

I would copy the grey version exactly – I already have some charcoal linen and red topstitching thread. 
But it is such a basic shift, and I’d really like to make something more interesting for the sewalong.
But I would wear it, because I practically live in shift dresses in summer, winter, autumn  and spring!

  • Burda 2-7041

I would make this in some dark green wool, with black satin trim.  But I’m not sure I would wear this confidently – I like the vintage-ness, but at my age you have to be a bit careful – can I go there without looking like Aunt Doris?!

By the way, this pattern is from one of my latest acquisitions – a 1964 Burda – which I haven’t even posted about yet, I promise I will soon!

  • Simplicity 3858

This design could easily be bordering on naff, but in black viscose crepe could Version 2 be a cute LBD?  The muffin-enhancing gathers could be a worry as I already have a fairly good muffin and am practically already peg-top without the skirt,  but viscose has great drape … should I, or shouldn’t I?

I’m not usually so undecided, but I find it so difficult to decide on some vintage designs – there is a fine line between looking decidedly frumpy, and looking like you are from another era!  Do you find this too? 

And please – can you help me decide which one to sew for my Vintage Sewalong !?

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12 thoughts on “Vintage Sewalong 2011 – decisions, decisions!

  1. Personally I am very drawn to the last one – I really love the bow neckline! However, I think that all of them are fabulous and I know you will do any of them justice!


  2. I like the shift dress, it's got a vintage feel without being costume. Charcoal linen with red topstitching- hmmm, I might steal your idea! To me, the Burda is very Aunt Doris.


  3. I like the Burda dress. The darkgreen fabric with black satin trim is beautiful; however a light green satin trim might be nicer, with 3/4 sleeves.The hemline should be above the knee. An above the knee hemline will make the dress vintage with a modern spin


  4. Oooh, it sounds like fun! I can never resist a sew-along…
    I like your first idea, just like the pattern illustration on the envelope; charcoal grey with red top-stitching. This would be beautifully classic, modern enough without looking like one had raided Auntie Doris' hope chest.


  5. I'm partial to the Burda – that collar makes it really special. Bottom line – you have to make your own choice, because everyone has a different opinion – and you will eventually make all of them?


  6. You sound as though you're not really sure you'd like to make *any* of these for the sewalong. Why not choose some other vintage pattern? I'd suggest something more mod with really interesting seamlines. Maybe a vintage Vogue Original Designer pattern if you could find one?



  7. I like the green dress best! It would be lovely in black or any colour, the neckline is so fun!
    I find there's a fine line between looking pretty with a retro flair, and just plain costume-y. (Probably because I always choose full skirted styles, which can turn costume-y very quickly!) Styling your dress with awesome shoes and modern hair helps bring it into the right decade.
    I've heard of the sew-along, I just might join as well!


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