Christmas fabric heaven!

I love having family visit at Christmas time, and I especially love it when they bring gifts like this:

Yay – a major stash enhancement!

My mother sent me some fabric swatches a couple of weeks ago, and said if I wanted any of them she could bring them with her when she came to visit at Christmas.  I must say, the list of ‘wants’ was much larger than the list of ‘don’t wants’, and lucky greedy me – she managed to cram all these into her suitcase!

I recognise some of these fabrics from when I was a schoolgirl, some originally belonged to my grandmother, and some were production ends from my own business that I had once given to Mum, but have made their way back to me.

I have a vague idea what I will make from each one, but past history has shown that is completely subject to change!  Whatever I do, I’m looking forward to adding a bit more colour to my wardrobe (there’s not too much black and grey amongst that lot is there?), and you can be sure I’ll reveal all here!

But there is no sewing for the moment, I need to ice the second batch of Christmas cookies because the first one has completely disappeared, no idea where, and I must make some lemon butter to marinate the turkey overnight, and then I might require a Christmas Eve glass of wine, or two…..

A wonderful Christmas to you all xx

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8 thoughts on “Christmas fabric heaven!

  1. You lucky girl! All that fabric! Part of the fun of having fabric to play with, is being able to change your mind about what a piece will become. Sometimes it does turn into the original idea – sometimes it becomes something totally different.
    Merry Christmas!


  2. Oh my gosh, you lucky lady! Hehe, I did a slightly similar thing for my Christmas presents from my family this year, I went out and bought some fabric on special for people to give to me… well, it made sense!
    Have fun with those wonderful fabrics, you have a beautiful selection.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Sherry!


  3. merry christmas to you and thanks for all your informative posts throughout 2010. The sway back one was of particular interst to me!
    From Lore in Sydney but who once lived in Ellerslie, Auckland (1979 – when I was 14!)



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