Sunset on Summer Kimono

Summer is nearly over here, so what better way is there to extend it’s vibe than sewing up this tropical sunset print?

Pattern Scissors Cloth Kimono

This must be one of the longest term residents of my fabric stash, so I’m relieved to finally have it out of storage and into the wardrobe. Truth be told, I purchased this fabric when I was fifteen years old while on a family holiday to Fiji. I remember falling in love with the colours, and I guess the choice of kitschy tropical sunset print could be excused as a souvenir fabric.

Pattern Scissors Cloth Kimono

I have no excuse for the fact this fabric is 100% polyester though, other than pure ignorance at the time! As a general rule I don’t buy polyester fabrics because summer here is too humid to comfortably survive wearing them.  This kimono is strictly three-season.

Pattern Scissors Cloth KImono

While on the never-ending hunt for the perfect silk print, impatient me decided to test out my new kimono pattern in this poly print. My polyester phobia proved unfounded, as this fabric sewed and pressed well with hardly a pucker to be seen.

Tropical Sunset Print Kimono - Pattern Scissors Cloth
Belt and sleeve detail

I sewed this one up on my industrial machine, using french seams throughout and enclosing all other seams within the bands.

Sunset Print Kimono
Inside front tie


While I was sewing this I couldn’t help but revisit that Fiji family holiday in my mind. This fabric for me conjures up images of Nadi market stalls, sipping Blue Lagoons by the pool, and snorkelling amongst tropical fish around Treasure Island.

Treasure Island


I must have been sewing quite a bit by this stage as I made the pink strapless dress, the white shirt, and the blue floral dress in all these photos!

There are so many fond memories associated with this fabric, this kimono is going to make me smile every time I put it on!

Pattern Scissors Cloth Kimono


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14 thoughts on “Sunset on Summer Kimono

  1. I have 3 kimono patterns sitting on my cutting table right now! I’m serious about making myself a couple for sure this year. They are perfect for flinging on to wear anywhere – giving you good sun coverage while elevating a simple Tee and shorts to the moon 🙂 I love yours! I feel the same about poly however – I’m already warm enough 🙂


  2. That’s a beautiful kimono and I love the fact that it will bring back happy memories when worn.
    Beautiful work, as usual. I have a pattern and fabric but haven’t sewn it yet – better get cracking, but it will be worn frolicking in the garden rather than beach.


  3. What wonderful memories this fabric stirred up. The kimono is lovely. And as a friend of mine used to say – there’s polyester … and then there’s polyester. (It’s a fact of life these days.)


  4. I love this – my favourite projects are always the ones with a story behind them. And how great to be able to use a fabric that’s been in your stash for so long.


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