Pink Kimono Sleeve Top

After making my Boxy Crop Top with Kimono Gussets, I decided I needed another one!


I made this pink one exactly the same, but shortened it slightly and widened the neck to a boat neckline (which probably should have been a bit wider in a perfect world).


I popped this on after work to do the photos, and oops – I’m wearing the wrong bra and it’s sticking to the fabric! Just goes to show how important the right underwear is, and how it can make or break the fit.

The fabric itself is lovely – a Tory Burch cotton/elastane print from The Fabric Store in Auckland. I loved the fuschia colour with a pop of turquoise and immediately imagined it in a cute top when I bought it. The same print was also available in a georgette which I contemplated briefly (that is, a whole ten minutes) and settled for this cotton version for practical/workwear reasons.

The last top had a CB neck zip, but I gave this one a back keyhole and button:


This is nice and easy to do with a centre back seam, and a good way of using up odd stash buttons. I have a zillion buttons from old button catalogues that I am trying to make a dent in, so don’t be surprised if you see more of this detail!

There’s not much else to say about this top – except that I’ve made yet another one! Will try to get photos of that shortly. Happy Sewing!

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15 thoughts on “Pink Kimono Sleeve Top

    1. Hi Kathy, kimono sleeve is a patternmaking term for a garment where the sleeve is cut in one with the bodice (it is quite different to a traditional Japanese kimono sleeve). Usually a kimono style requires excess fabric under the arm for movement, but in this case a gusset is sewn in instead to allow for that movement, and it gives a neater appearance. You can see the gusset in this post where I made a first version of this pattern:
      Hope that helps clear things up!


  1. I love your blouse and I especially love the idea of a gusset in the underarm! I haven’t seen this for years and it’s a brilliant way to guarantee that when you raise your arms your top will stay at your waist where you want it to 🙂 Comfortable too. I looked at your tutorial but I admit is a TAD challenging but I’ll keep my eye out for patterns that have them. It would be a handy pattern to have! By the looks of your in that beautiful blouse out on a sunny, clearly warm day you aren’t in Canada 🙂


  2. It’s lovely Sherry, I’m not surprised you’ve made yet another one! I’m also a big fan of keyhole openings at the back – quite quick to do and such a pretty detail. x


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