Reward for Effort

I remember a blog post a few months ago where I may have grumbled a little about how much extra time I had to work to complete a project I was ‘assigned to’. I threw myself into it with gusto, however most other things in life suffered. Things like Dinner, Sleep, Family, Housework, and Running!

This is where I can’t help but be reminded of my school motto which was ‘Reward for Effort’. Because in this case my effort was rewarded at a job satisfaction level. Last week several of my designs appeared on the catwalk in the David Jones fashion show. I usually keep my work off the blog, but some of you have asked to see what sort of stuff I do – so here is a little glimpse!

This coat is one I designed from two fabrics, a check and a tweed. It is horizontally panelled (unfortunately the tweed is only just visible at the model’s right waistline) and each panel is edged with fringing, as well as the collar and lapels.
You can’t really see much of this navy coat, but it has stitched tucks on the back and front bodice and a rather cool pocket. The dress is a black/navy jacquard with a silk chiffon flounced skirt. The belted coat and cropped flares in the background are also by me. The coat actually has a fur collar,  and the cropped flares have leather panelling on the front similar to the leggings in the top photo.
One of my favourite items is this fur bomber jacket with leather buttons! It is worn over a sequin and velvet trimmed jumper (and a lace top if you look carefully!) The lace skirt has an awesome fit and flare silhouette created by some flattering seam placement. They must have hitched up the lining for the show because I know it is longer than this!

You can see the full show live from David Jones website.  The show was themed around the weather, which I guess is why a couple of the models are wearing rain hats! I thought the lighting (and lightening!) effects and the soundtrack were rather cool. If you don’t have half an hour to spare, there is an edited version where you do see all four outfits in motion – very briefly!

Have a great week and sew heaps!

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29 thoughts on “Reward for Effort

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing. I love all the coats and jackets, especially the fur bomber. I really like the second image – the whole thing works so well. That dress is great.


  2. Wow! Sheryll, thank you for sharing! Beautiful! All the details of the coats….I am intrigued by…the cool pocket.The bomber is amazing and the lace skirt move so nice. Again, beautiful and thank you to share your work here.😚


  3. Congrats Sheryll, well earned kudos, what a fabulous collection and a huge amount of work! Thanks so much for sharing this glimpse behind the scenes.

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  4. Sheryl this was fun to watch on youtube! Your coats are gorgeous wow! Actually I was impressed with all of the David Jones collection…it’s fresh and original but I could see myself (at different ages not necessarily NOW since I am 62) actually wearing many of them. Your navy coat though is my absolute favourite 🙂

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  5. Really gorgeous!! So fun to see your designs, not only on the catwalk, but in photos to be shared….definitely reward for effort! I love all the different textures and how they have come together. Thanks for showing us.

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  6. thankyou Sheryll for sharing these pictures with us – beautiful outfits indeed. We all secretly knew you were very talented, it shows through on your site. Thankyou again

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  7. WOWWWW!! Your work is absolutely too beautiful for words!! such attention to detail and the combination of textures is totally delicious. I love every single piece. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you ever get to wear these for yourself?


    1. Thank you Carolyn, I thought you might like them! I don’t own many – they are quite expensive even with the staff discount, and as you know – we makers can make them for less!


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