Fabric-A-Brac Ponsonby

Last weekend I went along to Fabric-a-brac in Ponsonby.  This is a fabric market where you can sell pieces from your fabric stash, and more importantly conversely buy pieces from other people’s fabric collections.  For anyone who sews it is a genuine slice of fabric heaven, with many vintage and modern fabric bargains to be had.

These people must be my friends!

As soon as I walked in I regretted that I only had 20 minutes to spare, and so I did a very quick scout from room to room – yes, at the St Columba Centre there were several rooms filled with fabric-laden tables just like this:

and there were tons of second-hand patterns to browse through:

and plenty of trims and buttons:

I would quite happily have spent the whole morning browsing through everything.  Because you have to look at everything so you don’t miss out on the bargain of the century don’t you?

In my 20 min time slot speed-shopping I came away with 2 items, that’s one item every 10 minutes so perhaps it is best I wasn’t there too long!

I picked up a vintage knit from Mintage in a bold houndstooth ($14):

 and an Australian Home Journal with a cute bow front dress pattern ($10):

Obviously one is not destined for the other 😉

Meanwhile, I’m definitely going to Fabric-a-brac next year – I might even get a table!   It would be fun as there is a nice social vibe, lots of friendly people, and with a cafe and funds going to the Mercy Hospice there is no excuse for staying at home. Fabric-a-brac are also in New Plymouth (just happened on 12 September), Wellington (10 October) and Palmerston North (31 October). I definitely recommend checking it out in your town!

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9 thoughts on “Fabric-A-Brac Ponsonby

  1. I went to Fabric-a-brac in Freemans Bay last year but somehow didn't make it this time. It could be for the best considering my current fabric hoard! Such a good cause though and as you say, a lovely atmosphere.


  2. So nice to see you blogging again. I benefitted greatly from some of your older posts and would sometimes think “I wonder what happened to that great blogger who went for a run and never came back?” I did a small bit of blogging once upon a time and know how much work it can be, so am always greatful for those who take the time to blog and help the rest of us learn and stay inspired.


  3. That chalkboard is right – fabric heaven! Can't believe you were able to whip through in 20 mins. I would have gone mad with the buttons. Wish there would be one near me – there has only been one that I know of and it was an hour up the coast (Qld) on a day I couldn't get there – boo! If I see there is one in Dunedin I'm going to coordinate it to go back and visit some old workmates…….


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