It’s Such a Perfect Day…

It’s raining outside…

…and I’m at home,
with a miserable cold.

The perfect excuse for some quality time indoors!


I had to show you this one – I first tried them on backwards!!
The funny thing is they almost fit me that way!
And yes, I know, lunchtime in my pyjamas…
The front at the front, is much better
Warning – more bad mirror shots coming up!

Version #1 – A Boring Basic Block Trouser
Cut straight off the block
These are about as close fitting as I can get with a non-stretch woven
I altered the back thigh as it was a bit droopy
They are a bit naff though, I might menswear-ify these to make them more interesting
– pockets, fly front, leg creases – that sort of thing
Version #2 – Tight Stretchy Capris
I attempted Capris in this fabric earlier in the year but they were a flop.  It is one of those strange hi-tec fabrics that unless it is tight it goes ‘balloony’ if you know what I mean!
Today I unpicked them and recut them using my new block
And made ’em tight!
Version #3 – Stretch Wool/Lurex Trouser, almost
I finally plucked up the courage to cut into my beloved wool /lurex from Global.
You know, the one that mysteriously appeared in my stash recently…I don’t remember a thing about that.
They’re looking promising, and are very cosy!
I did the pockets and front fly, then that miserable cold began to take it’s toll…

All in all, a perfect day in my lounge workroom, in my own zone

A bit like the cat 😉

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29 thoughts on “It’s Such a Perfect Day…

  1. Jealous of your productivity and of course your Patternmaster – hankering over one of those myself. Definitely manify the grey ones they will look so chic and are the right colour for it. Go Girrl lol


  2. I am not jealous. i promise. I am not even envious. I think if I say that enough times to myself, it will be true. Wow!! I wish I had your talent, and productivity. I like the grey ones best. It is also raining here in London, and I am trying to tidy up the house before engaging in some sewing.


  3. You're amazing!
    Sherry – would it be possible, please, at some point, to show the proper steps in narrowing a pant leg on a pattern? Once you get the top bit fitting properly, it should be easy to then adjust leg width, however, in doing so it is all too easy to throw the rest of the fit out of whack. Eventually I do manage to get it all right, but there should be a much less painless way than how I go about it. Thank-you in advance.


  4. You did all that in one day? I think I might hate you. Just a little. Of course, I am in the running for the slowest sewist in the world. But still. Then there is the fact that you did this while sick, all I am capable of is annoying everyone around with vague demands like “could me make me something to eat”, then when they have a suggestion I turn it down saying it doesn't appeal to me.

    Definitely man up the grey trousers, they would be a great addition to any wardrobe.


  5. A month or so ago I had a day of pants obsession, making 4 muslins with not a one providing a satisfactory fit. So I am also envious of your success. Although I did realize that pants are actually quick to make. and thanks for the laugh about the trying on backwards, they look great.


  6. That sounds like an awesome, awesome day. And so productive! (especially with a cold). That is some impressive trouser fit you've got going on there, too…


  7. The PatternMaster is a recent acquisition – our designer at work has one and swore by it, so I had to get one too! I do like it, but I'm quicker with my set square because I've had it forever.


  8. If you look closely, only the first pair have the waist area finished!
    I'm glad you (and others) agree about manning up the grey ones, hopefully I have enough remnants.


  9. It's great to have a day of sewing obsession isn't it? Even if you don't achieve anything tangible, you will have achieved some knowledge.
    My first two pairs were really quick to make, it's the details like pockets that take a while!


  10. I finally got a pair of pants to fit without any extra lines in the back, but they're a nice wide-leg. If I can get my skinnies to fit like yours I'll be a happy camper!

    All in one day? Wow, you are the master!


  11. Love the serene dreaminess of the preparation photos. Is that (part of) your secret?
    (–abject bowing, scraping and kissing of hems–) Yes, please help us do anything properly with pants.
    Get well, and thanks so much.
    Anne in Seattle


  12. Love the fit of your trousers. Which block did you use? When did that fabric mysteriously appear in your stash and do you think Global may still have some, as it might have to mysteriously find its way to my stash 🙂 Hope you are feeling better soon.


  13. I didn´t know trousers could be made. I find them so difficult.
    I admire people who can see the best of every situation.
    You turned a rainy day into amazines.
    happy Sunday.


  14. I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well! Rest up and get better!

    As for the pants… you did a great job drafting and fitting them. It's such a basic silhouette that you will be able to do many things with this pattern.


  15. This is nuts, I really hope I can get to your level of masterful sewing someday. Okay, I'd settle for half as good actually. lol! This is awesome, your pants fit so amazingly 🙂


  16. I love the fit you managed to achieve. Your experience really shows! Those trousers are really flattering on your legs… Last night I didn't even managed to finish hand hemming my third pair of store bought trousers!!!


  17. Great post Sherry – I've had plans to tackle some trousers for myself – it's been years since I made a pair. I think it's the thought of trying to pin them on myself that has put me off – or else twisting and contorting while shouting instructions at one of my poor family members!


  18. Your trouser fit is amazing, and your cat is totally gorgeous! I love the way cats just get so comfy and go blissfully to sleep when they need down time. I'm astonished at what you get done just for fun on a day when you are not at your best!


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