Paper Buttons, and Help Me Choose!

I’ve finally found some suitable buttons for my trench coat that has been awaiting these necessary items for about a year now. They needed to be a neutral stone horn style (not warm but cool toned), available in size 36 and 40L or close enough, and come with a matching 50mm buckle – I didn’t realise it would be so hard!

But what’s that imprinted onto the reverse – shall we have a closer look?

Yip – they are made from recycled paper!  I hope they don’t dissolve when I get caught out in a spring shower!

So there is actually hope for getting my trenchcoat finished. Finally.


Now I need your advice to help me choose – if this was your cardigan, would you choose lilac buttons:

or black buttons:

I got both dyed up just in case, but I’m thinking black, don’t you?  Share your thoughts, or forever hold your peace!


Next on the sewing agenda is a cape – I was going to leave it as winter is practically drawing to a close, but DH showed me this last night:

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere you might want to turn this picture upside down to get an appreciation of the polar blast coming New Zealand’s way – snow has actually been forecast for Auckland where it hasn’t snowed since 1939!  I think this is a good enough excuse to whip up a quick cape, don’t you?


Also – A big thanks to Beth and the Textile students at Sancta Maria College for having me to talk today – it was a lot of fun to share my experiences in garment design with you all, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! My email is in the sidebar as promised if you have any more questions.

Happy Sewing!

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48 thoughts on “Paper Buttons, and Help Me Choose!

  1. Definitely the black. The contrast looks better and it goes with the lace. I have the same problem. I had all these winter sewing plans but I wonder if there's any point now that it's almost spring.


  2. Black for sure… I think a year to find the perfect buttons and buckle are about right I had the same thing happen to me, and my jacket was already completed.


  3. And another vote for black – seems to be unanimous! I'm also making a trench coat at the moment and love the idea of recycled paper buttons. Would you mind letting me know where you found these. Thanks


  4. Paper buttons?! That's amazing! And they're very nice. I like the black buttons on the purple cardigan. I hope the weather doesn't get too bad with you. I live in Northern Ireland, so it's summer now, but last winter was terrible. We would have snow occasionally, but we had it for over a week. The temperature was -10 degrees. We had a burst pipe in the garage, loads of people had frozen pipes and no water, then there were lots of burst pipes when it thawed. Stay warm, and I hope it's not that bad with you! (Sorry about the deleted post – user error!)


  5. I hate to be a me too-er, but, yes, the contrast is nice and sharp with the black as well as complementing the lace. Where did you find paper buttons? They seem amazing and I hope they survive the worst the weather throws at you. (They must be treated in some way, I suppose?)


  6. I also prefer the lilac buttons, as they showcase the lace better. Six of one, half dozen of the other — you'll be happy either way. Third option: Alternate the black and lilac buttons.
    Don't see why paper buttons would be any less durable than wooden ones.
    Bundle up, bring in the animals, and cover the tender plants.


  7. recycled paper neat! go with the black, for sure, it makes the lace trim pop. good luck with the cape. even if you can't wear it right away, cool days sneak up & it's nice to have something close at hand.


  8. Another vote for black here. It balances the tones quite well, with the lace.

    As for paper buttons I am intrigued, I wonder how they are done.


  9. Honestly, when I saw the purple buttons my first thought was “oh! is this for a little girl?” So, I vote black. It really pops and ties in the lace.


  10. It seems all agree – go with the black! And, how fun that you found buttons and a belt loop made out of recycled paper. I still haven't found a belt loop for the trench I made during your Sew-Along, but I also haven't tried very hard. All I need is a wide black one, since I chose to use plain black buttons. Can't wait to see these two projects, and your cape, all finished up!


  11. Oh me too for black. I'm so glad you'll get to wear your lovely winter wool coat in the next few days – I have not worn either of my wool coats at all this winter and so from now on I'm only going to make jackets! What a shame. Auckland is just too warm for a lot of heavy winter wear. Not what we're used to – I bet you grew up with a very wintery blast in the deep south as I did.


  12. Black is definitely the one. It actually lifts the colour of lilac.
    Cold spell – here in Melbourne we've gone back to winter and is quite chilly. I'd be whipping up that cape asap!!!


  13. Love the sweater and the lace, and you really couldn't go wrong with either, but the black definitely pops (at least from this angle).

    I love the idea of recycled paper buttons. Never heard of them. Kewl,


  14. Oh yes, black it is!

    Indeed, make a cape! Will love to see what you come up with. I plan on making a coat soon and I live in California where I can wear it about 3 days a year. 😉


  15. Not that it matters but I'm another for the black buttons. Good luck with the winter blast – I'm headed to NZ here in about two and half months and am hoping the weather will be nice and springtime warm while I'm there! It's amazing how many New Zealanders are suddenly popping up once I decide to make a trip there! =^) Love your work, you've inspired me to get sewing again!


  16. How did you paper buttons? I have jacket and I would like to do buttons by myself, but i dont know how to do that (waterproofing and so…). Can you help me?


  17. Hi Sherry

    I've been looking buttons made from wood pulp/pressed paper myself I notice you are creating garments using recycled paper buttons, which look great. Where did you get them from?



  18. Years too late to vote on the cardigan buttons, but I love how you get completely different looks with such a simple change. The lilac version seems more delicate, and the black version seems more edgy–even though they both have black lace.


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