Why you shouldn’t sew Bound Buttonholes at night…

Seven perfect buttonholes,
Sitting straight and square,
Of even width,
And equal breadth,
Completed without fear.

Seven perfect buttonholes,
Beautifully aligned,
Laying true,
None askew,
I’m proud to say they’re mine!

But what is this?
Something’s amiss!
What has caused this blight?
That darned wool cloth,
With it’s grain amok,
If only it was oriented right!

They say the great,
Learn from their mistakes,
So what do you think I might?
When the light ain’t great,
You should always wait,
And never sew bound buttonholes at night!

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34 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t sew Bound Buttonholes at night…

  1. Those are indeed very nice buttonholes! what a shame they're of grain. The seussian poem is great and I'm giggling at the thought of a whole book with nothing but sewing oopses


  2. They are way better than what many would sew in the daytime! Revel in this accomplishment and keep the imperfection to yourself. NO ONE will ever know. Love the poetry.


  3. I can't see anything wrong with them. Honestly! Indeed, they're way better than anything I could accomplish. A quilting mother of a friend told me that every quilt HAS to have a mistake in it – that's how you know it's yours. Great poem!


  4. It scanned! It rhymed! I am so impressed. And you're right about sewing when the light is bad, and/or you are tired. The good thing about having the buttonhole so obvious is that it should make it easier to find when you button up the coat on yourself, when the light is bad and you are tired.


  5. Wow those are some nice buttonholes! I understand that when you put the time in to sew a bound buttonhole you want it to be perfect in every way, but I really can't see any problem. Maybe it is more obvious in person?


  6. Very good advice! Also to not attempt anything tricky when you are tired either, which is usually at night, hehe 🙂 but you can barely see the difference without it being pointed out!


  7. Call it a design feature and forget about it. They look good and you're the only one who knows.

    P.s. I'm jealous of how gorgeous you made those BHs. Mine look like the cat did them.


  8. You know what, I love the poem, and those are lovely buttonholes that I think look really darn fantastic regardless of the grain. However, I know those woes of sewing at night…they look lovely Bran


  9. They may be off grain, but they do look rather good! Do you think that angle of the fabric will make them stretch – or is it just going to drive you mad that they are not quite right? I make a lot of low-light mistakes sewing in the evenings, but can usually live with them – I do know people who are driven absolutely batty by small-things-that-are-not-quite-right-regardless-of-whether-anyone-else-has-noticed-them 🙂


  10. Fantastic little poem! I can't see anything wrong with the buttonholes personally. As others have said above, they could very well be a design feature! You've executed them perfectly.


  11. How to fix this problem….??? buy yourself an OTT LITE. The best light for sewing and you will wonder why you did not get one sooner.


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