Finished at Long Last – Latvian Mittens!

I started these mittens two years ago!  I finished the first one and then single-sock-syndrome set in, or should I say mono-mitten-madness?   Whatever – I’ve spent the last couple of weeks finishing off number two and here are the photos to prove it:

dorsal aspect
palmar aspect  – spot the thumbs?!

The pattern on the thumbs matches the palms nicely from the above view, but underneath I had a few too many stitches:

I’m not sure if this was my mistake or the pattern, but I arranged the gap in the pattern so it was in the least conspicuous position when you have the mitten on:

I suppose I could also have made the thumb smaller, but I thought I had better follow the pattern – this is my first pair of mittens!  I like the clever way the colours are used at the fingertip decreases:

I found the pattern in Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2008, reprinted from the book Latvian Mittens by Lizbeth Upitis.  I want the book!  Knitting mittens is as addictive as knitting socks, and I’d love to knit another pair.  So many projects to do, so little time…..sigh

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22 thoughts on “Finished at Long Last – Latvian Mittens!

  1. Sherry- That first picture of you is so cute with your mittens! It must feel so good to finish a project that has been on your plate that long. Love those mittens, just beautiful, very nice for winter!


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