Some vintagy finds to share…

Some bargain fabrics…

some once-tangled trims…

a chain printed shirt, destined for downsizing…

a nautically inspired jumper…

a navy horsehair bag…

a dainty 50’s style cropped cobalt cardi…

an Australian Home Journal…

 patternless, unfortunately…

but I take the hint – it is about time I returned to making my own…
Found in:
  • The Country Store, Miranda, Waikato
  • This is not a Love Shop, K Road, Auckland
  • The Paper Bag Princess, K Road, Auckland
  • a shop with no name, Grey Lynn, Auckland
What about you – have you found any vintagy treasures lately?
Are you like me – and just can’t walk past an op-shop without going in?

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11 thoughts on “Some vintagy finds to share…

  1. All great finds! That equestrian print shirt is fabulous! I did a restyle of a vintage shirt just the other day. I was so pleased with myself!
    Your's will be fabulous, I'll bet!
    I love those vintage sewing books. I rescued a simplicity one from the 50's. It has so many good tutorals in it.They seemed to pack so much into such small books back then. Now they're like doorstops!


  2. Such wonderful finds! Not that I spend much time looking in thrift shops, but when I do, I hardly ever find things that I would want to take home. Maybe I should stop in more often.


  3. @ Irene—in my experience thrift stores, like other wild game, require patient and frequent stalking. The good stuff may be far between, and it goes fast, but with regular checking in I can even find treasures at my local thrift, which is the height of lame for the most part.

    Nifty finds—I especially like the trims. And I ADORE the fact that you have a shop called “The Paper Bag Princess”! Fave childrens book ever!


  4. I love your finds! I'm so jealous, there is so little choice in UK charity shops…and very few bargains. Car boot sales are quite good though – looking forward to them starting again (May time I think)!!


  5. Absolutely I adore op shopping and got myself seven pieces of fabric there yesterday! Can you tell me which one you got the vintage fabric from – if you can bear to share ….


  6. ~Mary Nanna – I got the fabric and trims from the one in Miranda – turn off to Kaiaua from Miranda and it is just there – a large white wooden building that used to be the local!


  7. I love an op shop! The clothes are always OOK in the ones I visit but there's always fabric lengths which are the staple of my home made wardrobe lately. And I buy lengths of cotton for toiles. Heaps cheaper than buying off the bolt.


  8. Estate sales are where I find all my goodies, never see anything much at thrift stores, and especially not yardage, that would be fun though.
    And I like that turquoise dress on the cover of the magazine – so pretty.


  9. Can't wait to see what you do with the shirt, it's such a striking print! Unfortunately I don't think the thrift shops in the UK are that great but eBay can turn up some interesting things sometimes, although it's not always cheap sadly.


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