A Sixties Shift with Red Stitching

I finished this dress a week or so ago, and it has been patiently waiting for it’s decorative stitching since:

And I’m still waiting for the perfect red shoes, so let’s just pretend shall we?

I had two shades of red embroidery cotton, but one was too dark and one was too orangey, so a special trip downtown was required to get just-the-right-shade.  The hand stitching took a couple of hours to do – as long as it took to sew the whole dress!  I quite like the naivety of the stitching with the linen:

 Here’s a quick reminder of the pattern, Butterick 2669 – as you can see I was 100% innovative in my colour choice:

Quick n’ Easy it might have been to sew, but fitting it was a nightmare:

It would have been a much simpler plan to swing a couple of darts around on my own dress block, but that needs a refit too!  I usually wear sheath dresses more fitted, but making this as part of the Vintage Sewalong I kept with the spirit of the vintage pattern and left it semi-fitted – not quite as flattering, but loose and comfortable for summer, and you can still bend over to pat the cat:

The back is plain but I think the red stitching around the hem band adds just enough interest.  I thought of doing a handpicked zip a la vintage, but the invisible zip won:

I did make the tie belt, but let’s just say the girl in the pattern illustration looks a lot better with a tie belt than I do!  Here’s a nicer image to finish with:

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39 thoughts on “A Sixties Shift with Red Stitching

  1. Hello, your dress is perfect, well proportioned, elegant and fine, I love color, and stitching in red makes a stunning detail.


    Eilane – Brazil
    (sorry if it kind of pointless, do not speak your language, and am using a google translator)


  2. Fantastic!!! How did you manage to get the stitching som even…?? I would never have the patience.

    Greetings from Sweden!



  3. You could actually sell me on that semi-fitted shape. And I love the hand-topstitching and the hem band. I am musing about hand-topstitching an upcoming shirt for my man but I have a feeling mine would not be as precise as yours! 🙂


  4. Sherry, this is so beautiful! I love the hand stitching and I will store that idea mentally. I'll definitely use that on a garment next time I see an opportunity.
    I understand why you felt the fitting was a nightmare, but it was so instructive. Your pain – our gain 🙂
    Thanks for the fitting posts and the wonderful final creation.


  5. Amazing – not just the final dress, colour and features, but the fact you got that from your original muslin!

    This is beautiful and your colours are great. I am sewing my first retri-sh pattern at the moment and luckily don't need to adjust too much.

    I would love to know how you hand stitched so evenly too.

    You look beautiful.



  6. Your dress is fabulous. Love the hand stitching, it's so perfect and the colour compliments the fabric so nicely. The fit is fantastic, semi-fitted for hot summer days sounds good to me!


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