~1968 burda~

I thought I’d share a glimpse of what Burda magazine was like 42 years ago – August 1968 to be exact:

There are some cute trapeze dresses in bright colours:

A lot of doubleknit dresses, like these ones in gold and ochre:

Dandy looks in velvet – I could go a green velvet suit…..

 More dandy dresses with collars and cuffs…..

And where would we be without some folk inspired gear like this?

All the patterns are included for the embroidery designs too!

There are more bright colours in jersey knit, and some crochet berets:

Some knitwear designs – including twinsets of course!:

And some rather charming teeny tech drawings!
Check those descriptions:

  • “Dress with slenderising effect for burda size 46!”
  • “Sportive suit in cord for burda size 46!”  

The designs only come in one size – just like when I was first introduced to Burda – and the pattern sheets look familiar too, with those pretty fancy lines they used to use:

I don’t remember the Burda I grew up with having an English translation included, like this one does.  My Aunt introduced us to them, and showed us how to navigate the patterns.  As for instructions, I fumbled along inventing my own construction methods.  In retrospect this is a good experience – you do learn quickly when you are thrown in the deep end!

So which designs are your favourites, and which ones would you actually wear today? 
Which ones do you abhor and absolutely wouldn’t be seen dead in?
Also – which ones shall I make!?

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16 thoughts on “~1968 burda~

  1. Those trapeze dresses are awfully cute and the basic knit dress is pretty modern. But then, as far as vintage goes, my favorite is this time period.


  2. I have a few early 80's Burda's too. And they still came in German with the translation in an extra folder. Mine are in French 😉
    I love the trapeze and dandy dresses, especially with the peter pan collar 😉


  3. Oooh – fun! you should make the bow-collared dress in a double-knit – the black one with the white-and-black polka dotted collar. Or the hot-pink trapeze dress. And I have a soft spot for capes right now so I'd like to see you make up the forest-green cape, but only if you're a cape girl! 🙂 Not even sure if I'm a cape girl but I'd sure like to try one out…


  4. I have that Burda issue too!! It belonged to my grandmother and it's now part of my mother's burda collection. It's in spanish and the description are just as funny. My mum keeps dresses made from those issues and I absolutely love them. The fir of the trapeze dresses are still great today, if you are exactly that size…
    (Thanks for your comment on my blouse, I've followed your wonderful blog for a while now and I'm hooked)


  5. Oh my, I have the same issue lying around. 2 month ago I visited my parents for my mum's 80th birthday and discovered that she was about to throw out entire decades of Burda magazines! Of course I saved them all, it's so interesting to see fashion change over the years and also to see how the magazine progressed. I am much tempted to REALLY throw out the 80ies magazines however. Ugliest style of the century!


  6. I found a year's worth of Burdas in an op shop from 1993 – I started buying Burda in 1995 so the styles looked very familiar! The ones from the early nineties were totally in English (those lovely translations we still have today!) and they had the knitting and cooking sections too. For me, the most interesting part was the front page editiorial from Anne Burda – a little morality tale – the importance of raising our children correctly, of living in moderation, each month a new piece of advice on how to be a good member of society. The magazine has totally shifted its focus from “woman's lives” to “fashion sewing” – it's lost a bit of soul, I think.


  7. Joy, it's my favourite era too!
    Laurwyn and Tasia – I think I definitely will make a dandy dress, and very tempted to try a trapeze too! I definitely want a cape – how could you not feel chic in a cape!
    La inglesita and couturette – lucky you with all those vintage Burdas – if you ever invite me to your place, do expect a long stay!
    Mary Nanna – the cooking sections I remember – amazing looking food, and the cakes, but we had no translation! I don't know if I should tell you but there is some early 70's issues on trademe…..!


  8. Hi Sherry,
    Oh I love these old burdas. I have some of them, too. Though, I think today the patterns are more easy to read (and even see!^.^).
    I would go for the dandy dress with the dotted collar! It looks simple and cute!
    P.S.: Thanks for your comment on my pants! Have you already started to make them?


  9. Thanks for sharing this. I was born in Auugst 1968 and as Mum was a keen sewer it's good to see what sort of clothes she would have been making and wearing.
    Hope to see you making something up!


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