~a gown for jennifer~

I designed and made wedding dresses for several years, and thought I’d share some favourites! 
Jennifer’s gown was made from blush coloured silk duchess satin and the bodice was overlaid in a delicate antique lace that her mother sourced from an antique store:
Although the front skirt was quite plain, the back was formed into 2 deep pleats either side:
The sash widened towards the floor, and looked equally beautiful bustled:
The back bodice buttons were covered in duchess satin overlaid with the lace net.  You can see how delicate the vintage lace is in the close up shot:
Her veil included a little piece of the lace at the crown:
And on the day…

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12 thoughts on “~a gown for jennifer~

  1. You opened a new door from me to you. Got a question: with what would you line and underline taffeta? I'm making the “Sabrina” gown for a daughter– sleeveless (not strapless) bodice in the column dress, elbow-sleeve bolero w/ruffled collar, detached train in ivory taffeta. Several have also advised me to buy Susan Khalje's book, (italics) Bridal Couture.


  2. Oooh – beautiful! That lace is just so lovely. When you describe it as “antique” and “delicate” it makes me think “super-high stress” construction. If you don't mind me asking, does the dress have a separate corsolette/foundation to support it? When I make strapless dresses I make a boned foundation with sturdy waist stay and attach the dress at the top edge. I'd love to know how the experts do it!


  3. ~Kelley – I am hesitant to give any recommendations without seeing the fabric and design. If the dress is in tafetta and columnar, I would consider fusing the skirt to minimise creasing across the front hip. For a full skirt like this one I underline in stiff silk organza.
    ~Judy – the main worry was making a cutting mistake, as you can't reorder more of this fabric! There were a few little holes we had to work around too. I usually make an internal foundation boned to high hip level and abandon the waist stay – they look so uncomfortable!


  4. What a great use of that lace – I love the way you get to see a whole piece of it across the bodice. Beautiful work. It must be hard working with nervous brides though – bet you've got a good ear as well as nimble fingers.


  5. I love it . The use of the lace is really lovely . Did you make the pattern as well ? I am doing a year long course in pattern making at the moment and would love to make wedding dresses one day but I worry that maybe doing it for others and for money might spoil the pleasue I get out of sewing now. What are the pitfalls and is it possible to make money out of ? How many hours would it take to make a dress like this one ?


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