~trench coat progress~

It rained most of the day today, and my favourite way to spend a rainy day is at the sewing machine!  I started sewing my trenchcoat, which I have been putting off because of buttonhole-size-and-type procrastination. 

I finally took the plunge and decided to do bound buttonholes, even though trenches usually have keyhole buttonholes, and even though I haven’t chosen my buttons yet, and even though I think this fabric could fray a bit.  After testing on a scrap, I decided they looked really nice, and if they didn’t last I would just have to make another trench in different fabric!

So here is my partially assembled shell, with all its parts in various stages of make and unmake:

I’ve only done the gun flap buttonhole so far.  I want to double-check the positioning before I start the ones on the wrap, although it would have been easier if I had done these at the beginning with less bulk around.
So I suppose that will be tomorrows job!  Hopefully I’ll also get the back storm flap done and the collar. 
It actually looks rather cool sleeveless – I think I may need a trenchdress for summer…..

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14 thoughts on “~trench coat progress~

  1. I love trenchcoats! Your bound buttonhole looks so professional…I'm considering bound buttonholes for a blouse now, but mine always turn out kind of sloppy, maybe i need to practice a little first..


  2. This is looking great so far – love the way the buttonhole looks. Jigsaw (UK shop) did a beige trench with bound buttonholes this spring – £185 though!! Much better to make your own!


  3. Sherry that is looking good !! I was wondering if you would mind telling me a little about industrial machines. As someone with industry experience what do you see as the main differences . between a good fast domestic machine and an industrial( I have a 30 year old mechanical Bernina which goes like an aging Porsche) . I may have the opportunity to get an industrial machine and am wondering if I really should do it or whether it would just be overkill. I sew alot and am probably at the more accomplished end of the spectrum but have a lot more to learn . I am wondering if an industrial would do better top stitching etc.I would really appreciate your help with this one . Marianne.


  4. It looks great so far. You have really found the right fabric for the project. The colour is great and I like that the fabric looks a bit softer than usual for trench coat. Good simple way to make a masculine style more femine.


  5. looks like it's going to be a great trench, I really want to make one myself but I don't know if I would be able to. Anyways, yours looks really proffessional!


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