~who needs an excuse anyway~

Mmm… a Global Fabrics bag, this looks interesting…
I wonder if I can squeeze in here…
Oooh yes!  There’s even room to turn around…
Man this is g-r-o-o-v-y!…
shake ~ shake ~ shake ~ scratch ~ chew ~ rip!
…several minutes and out-of-focus photos later:
Purr, purr…there’s a few holes in this bag now,  I do hope she doesn’t mind having to get another one…
“Not at all Tiggy, and please don’t feel the slightest bit guilty!”

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9 thoughts on “~who needs an excuse anyway~

  1. I was half expecting to see you at Global this morning – fortunately I have a woman who looks after my son for a couple of hours on Tuesday and so I rocketed over there. I got some grey flannel (I have a soft spot for civil servant wear) and some grey wool with flecks of aqua – sort of 80's in a fun way. Hope you get some lovely stuff – I'm sure you'll make some beautiful things out whatever you get…


  2. Darn I just bought a bunch of gorgeous forest green merino for mum plus more for me (I truly DO need it!). I guess I can't quite justify buying more…… Sigh.

    Love Tiggy!


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