~halfway there~

One down, one more to go!

Marlene Sock by Cookie A, Knit 1 Fall/Winter 2008
I loved this design the moment I saw it in this magazine, and waited patiently for the right yarn in the right colour to come along.  I settled on Naturally “Waikiwi” 4ply, a blend of 55% NZ Merino/20% Nylon/15%Alpaca/10%Possum.  It is gorgeous – soft and warm and perfect for socks – I really recommend it.  Unfortunately the colour range is a bit restricted and masculine, but they do have one of my favourite colours – steel blue, which is shade 404.

I started these way back in March, so you can tell I haven’t been knitting much lately.  Most of the knitting has been done at my boy’s swimming lessons, this being my ‘grab and go’ project.  If I get cracking I might have the second one done before winter ends!

It wasn’t long ago that I thought who in their right mind would knit socks, but once I knitted my first pair I was hooked – they are the warmest socks I have ever owned, and they make great gifts.  Are there any other sock knitters out there?

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6 thoughts on “~halfway there~

  1. I am completely addicted to knitting socks. They are the best handbag project. Your half pair looks particularly pretty and well fitting. Yay for swimming lessons!


  2. I haven't knitted socks in years, but boy oh boy are you tempting me with these beauties and the ones you posted last! I think I'd better go and get some four ply and dig out my double pointed needles……


  3. Sherry
    I am very impressed with those socks! V. intricate.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog . On a new blog sometimes you wonder if you are talking to yourself, although the sewing bloggers are very good at giving feedback.
    About the overlocker, I would like one but what about ease of threading, is it a major consideration? I have seen a Husqvarna 910 advertised second hand in a magazine for £200, how does that sound to you?? X


  4. Hi karima – I'm not very helpful re models/prices of overlockers, but as far as threading goes it is fiddly! But once you have it initially threaded (follow the instructions religiously), you can just knot and pull the threads through when you want to change colour – much easier!


  5. Hi Sherry, I have just found your blog and love the socks! I am also a sock knitting addict and we have just discovered Waikiwi yarn for our shop – love it! My next pair of socks will be in it – have you seen the new variegated colours?


  6. Howdy. I have just discovered your blog — so lovely to “meet” you. I adore to knit socks. I have double sets of needles, and I work on both socks at once. Not the method where you cast on both socks on one set of needles and knit one inside the other , because I end up with one enormous sock and one tiny sock. I knit for an inch or so on one sock, then take up the other and knit to match it. Takes more time than doing one sock, but when you finish you have both socks, and they match each other.


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