~the suit in action~

About six weeks ago I posted pictures of my new suit that I had made, and several readers asked to see it on a real person.  Well, I finally have some photos to share!

My first photo doesn’t show much because of the patches of sunlight:

For the next shot I stepped back a bit into the tree to get out of the sunlight, so please excuse my horrified expression as I wonder what creepy crawlies are lying await in the tree.  The things you do just to get pretty golden ginko leaves in the shot!

The suit is a bit crumpled after a day’s wear and tear, but not bad for a natural-born-scruff like me 😉

I’m actually not that happy with the fabric, it is a bit too fine and limp, and in retrospect I should have blockfused all the back panels as well as the fronts.  The wind whistles through it like gauze and it really is not suitable for winter!  Maybe I should have underlined the skirt too – not only would this have reduced the wind chill, it would have concealed the hemming.  Despite taking the tiniest possible stitch, the hem still shows.

I repeated the gathering and bow detail of the pockets at the back skirt hem, which is kind of flirty.
I don’t like how the undersleeve wrinkles at the back, but I left it because the extra fabric is needed to bend my elbow and brush my hair!  It bugs me and I might try and remove it.
I do like how this suit actually gives me a waist!

And from the side view, it makes be look like I have a bust! 

Overall I really like it – it’s a really feminine suit, and both times I have worn it I have had compliments.  I think it will be good for autumn and spring with some snappy shoes. 

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9 thoughts on “~the suit in action~

  1. Oh wow, it fits you SO well! Love the back view of the skirt, so flirty and fun. What a flattering cut – curvy yet well tailored. Nice to see it on you!


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