~a grey tweed dress~

Yesterday I finished Style 3109, a shift dress from 1971:

I used some charcoal tweed from stash, and I just had enough to squeeze View B out minus the facings, so I cut them in a fine black wool instead.  The tweed is a wool/silk and is so very soft, you could probably wear it next to the skin.
I love the cut of this dress, the neckline and armholes are perfect, and the back has only a CB seam with no darts but sits perfectly.  The only alteration I did was to take in the bodice side seams above the waist 1cm on each side, and a 1cm sway back adjustment.  The pattern is actually a half-size, but that was great for me because I’m short waisted. 
It is winter here – do I look cold enough?!  However the sun did come out and made some cool grapevine shadows, and elbow shadows:
Then things got a bit scary-movie-like!:
But I did catch a close up of the buttons and half belt:
Speaking of buttons, I will probably change these square ones for round ones in a larger size – this was the only set of six I had.  Because I am still uncertain of the size I haven’t yet buttonholed the belt, I just sewed it all together to rush you these very important photos.  I could get the dress on alright, but do you think I could darned well get it off?!?!
Anyway, here is the square 30L buttons compared with some 40L on the R – does everyone agree that this size looks better before I make my big investment?!

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32 thoughts on “~a grey tweed dress~

  1. The line of this dress is very flattering and your workmanship is always first rate. I particularly like the princess seam running through to the skirt. I have a similar modern pattern which breaks the line at the waist with a tulip skirt. Will you wear a skirt or sweater under this in winter?


  2. I prefer the square ones actually. I think they echo the squareness of the belt. Love the dress. It is simple, yet perfect with the belt and buttons.


  3. such an elegant shift dress – what a lovely pattern – and so unusual with its belt and button details. Great choice. I prefer the round buttons but the square ones work well too.


  4. Beautiful dress. I love that pattern, the style really suits you. Personally I like both the round and the square buttons but the larger, round ones are a little more of a statement.


  5. What a lovely dress. I can just see it with tights and a polo under it as well. I'd vote for the larger buttons, either square or round. I'm curious as to whether you underlined this fabric? It looks so perfect that I guessed you did, but since you know the tricks of the trade, maybe not!


  6. Hi Judy, I haven't underlined it, it is just one of those nicely behaved fabrics! I don't generally underline unless the fabric is sheer – I'm of the keep it simple philosophy!


  7. Oh wow, it's absolutely gorgeous!! You do such lovely work, I feel like I say that every time!
    I prefer the larger buttons so they're more of a feature. Maybe you're right, I DO need a tweed dress in my life..


  8. What a great colour, it's a stable for many winters to come and can be dressed up or down with different accessories. It's fantastic that you know your body shape and can make the changes to make your outfit look stunning, I really like the larger round bottons for some reason the square ones make it look a little harsh and the round ones a little more playful. Well done on a great dress :o)


  9. Hello, I've come over from Sew Retro and I'm hooked! Your creations are perfection and your tips and techniques are a gold mine.
    oh yeah, and round buttons are better!


  10. beautiful work 🙂 i want one just like it! i prefer the larger buttons because they catch the light/eye more, the square ones blend in a little too much for my liking.


  11. This is a really unique and stunning dress, the sort where people wonder where you bought it from, if only they knew! Well done. I am particularly impressed with how well the bodice and bust area fit you. It is of particular interest to me as I have just taken delivery of my Threads fitting dvds.


  12. I was scrolling down thinking I would comment to say how much I liked the square buttons …only to read that you are thinking of changing them out!
    I vote square buttons!


  13. What a lovely dress! Personally I like the square buttons – they add to the uniqueness of the design. But as you say, a slightly larger button might be better. Whichever you choose, I'm sure they'll make a beautiful finish.


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