~trench coat sewalong~

This week I joined the Trench Coat Sew Along, which has just restarted for another round.  It is a great group to join if you are planning on sewing a trench or other style of coat – you’ll get lots of inspiration, tips, moral support and motivation!  And there is no pressure – whatever your experience you sew at your own pace and can take as long or as short as you wish. 

This month the agenda is to determine your design and source your materials, so it’s not too late to join – click the button in my sidebar, and let Elizabeth know you’d like to join up!

My design is going to be very classic and I can’t wait to wear it all buttoned up like this:

I really need shaping in my trench to show that I actually do have a minor indentation at the waist!  And I have finally decided on 8 panels – I was trying to avoid that extra seam, but 6 panels meant the pockets were too lateral.  I was also trying to avoid the bust dart too, but a proper princess seam meant the pockets were too medial – decisions, decisions!
At this stage it fits good, the sleeve fits good, and the collar is yet to be drafted…..

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6 thoughts on “~trench coat sewalong~

  1. Very nice indeed – nice to meet another sewalong buddy – I'm nearly finished my trench and it's very trench-lite – yours is going to be close to the real mccoy.


  2. A trench coat sew along! I never heard of that, it might be something I should join. But with the speed I work in it probably wouldn't be finished before next years summer.
    Do you draw your own patterns? Wow, I just buy some sewing magazines and use the patterns in there. Not ideally because you only find out if everything is just the way I like it, by the time I am almost finished (and usually fed up with it by then).
    Good luck with your trench coat, it is an ambitious project (at least it would be for me).


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