~vintage pattern acquisitions~

I confess I haven’t just been on a fabric buying spree lately, I have also delved into a little vintage pattern buying.  

I’ve been thoroughly inspired by all the bloggers out there sewing up  40’s and 50’s vintage patterns, but I’m not sure these are really my style.  I’m more of a 60’s fan and think this decade is more wearable for me.  I love Mod styles with their clean structured look, and they were always a big influence when I was designing.  It is great now that you can easily obtain patterns that are the real McCoy, and interesting to see how the fit and silhouette compares to my own patterns!

So watch out for some of these being reincarnated in the future:

  • Simplicity 4649 – Misses Suit:

The sweet thing about this pattern is that the original receipt is enclosed in the pattern envelope – the purchaser, a Miss Humphrey from Point Chevalier, paid 5/3 for this pattern from Rendells Department Store on 4 April 1963 – I would love to see what her finished suit looked like!

I have some black wool/cashmere that the cat is longing to make into her permanent bed, so I might salvage that for this little suit.  I made a quick toile of the jacket, and although it is boxy it is very flattering – almost tapered, with the bust area quite loose and the hem fairly close fitting.  The shoulders are far more sloped than I am used to – I have square shoulders so might need to adjust this as it causes the neckline to sit quite high, but maybe this is how the fit is meant to be – it does look ok, just feels different.  Which is understandable considering it is nearly 40 years old.

  • Vogue 7496 – Misses Jacket, Skirt and Pants:

This pattern originally cost $1.15 so it must be dated sometime after 1967 when we changed to decimal currency in New Zealand, and also by this date the pattern is actually printed rather than cut with perforations.  I kind of like the jacket with the back belt and yoke, and the trousers look well cut too – you can definitely see these styles moving in the direction of the 70’s.

  • Simplicity 3266 – Misses Blouse:

This is a 50’s kimono sleeve blouse which looks really flattering, and I’m always on the lookout for more tops in different styles.  Maybe I should use my yellow stripe – whatever, I have plenty of other shirtings to try this in too!

  • Butterick 2870 – Misses Day or Night Ensemble:

This is a classic skirt, button back shell and jacket, fairly plain but a classic 60’s cut – don’t you just love the illustration?  It cost 5/3 also, so could be early 60’s too – just like Miss Humphrey’s pattern!
I’m going to have fun making these up and I really can’t wait to start!

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2 thoughts on “~vintage pattern acquisitions~

  1. Oooh fun! I'm most excited to see your version of the 2nd one, that coat looks so simple yet cool. And the little suit! So cute, and I'm pleased to hear the jacket was cut in a flattering way, too, it's so hard to tell from just illustrations!


  2. Simplicity 3266! My mum made it, and then I made it in the mid 1970s when I was a teenager. I hope I've still got it, as I'e been mulling over making it again. Think I'll have to enlarge it though!


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